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Gemini: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Garry S.

Gemini Star Sign Fashion, Gemini Style

Star Sign Fashion: Gemini

Represented by the twins the Gemini has a dual personality indeed. Your ideology about an individual born in this Zodiac sign depends on which side of the twin interacts with you! That’s because their traits are very much diversified having multiple strong traits compared to other signs that stand by one prominent trait portraying their personality. A Gemini loves attention, indulgence, fun, and communication but can also be serious, poky and restless in a jiffy. Beware of a Gemini!

Represented by air and having Mercury as it’s ruling planet, individuals belonging to this sign are creative excelling in communication as writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and designers. These folks love traveling as it gives them an opportunity to meet new people, explore their curiosity and relish new experiences breaking the mundaneness of monotony.

Variety, creativity, and constant exploration must be on a Gemini’s list forever. Being social creatures they love being surrounded by people helping them talk, talk and talk. Talking to them might keep you awed about their intelligence but this becomes short-lived once you realize that they have very little in-depth knowledge about various things.

Gemini Star Sign Fashion

A Gemini loves the limelight and if you ignore them don’t be surprised to find them leaving your party or home immediately-this makes them rude and selfish too. These guys can also be cunning, deceptive and exaggerative which brings in resentment from people at times. But once a Gemini likes someone, he/she doesn’t hesitate to give it all to them-it could most probably be an Aquarius, Aries or a Libra with whom they are most compatible.

Gemini Clothing Style

Gemini attracts people not only with their wits but with their styling sense too dressing in the brightest of colors and most unique jewelry possible creating an exclusive Gemini style. Style occupies prominence in their lives and this makes them follow fashion trends and go on a shopping spree to keep their wardrobe updated.

Gemini Man Style

5 or 50, Gemini love to portray a youthful look and the Gemini man loves staying in trend with his unique fashion statement. He has something appropriate to wear for any occasion. Yellow is a Gemini’s favorite color and the Gemini man never shies away from dressing up in a cool yellow summer shirt. He pairs it with the right accessories as these too appeal a man born in this Zodiac sign.

If you are a Gemini man, don’t hesitate to adorn yourself with chunky rings and branded watches that shout attraction to the opposite sex. It is also the right gesture to carry a super cool bag that makes you the fashion guru-maybe official briefcases for the office meeting and trendy pouches for your date.

Gemini Style

Gemini Women Fashion Style

Common girls, this could go on forever as a Gemini woman loves to pamper herself with colorful garments and vibrant accessories. Be bold and choose between orange, yellow, bright green or blue clothes to dazzle people around you. You are the chosen sign to mix and match patterns, colors and prints-polka dots and sexy stripes or chic squares in different shades.

Being attention seekers and a party animal it is always ideal to elevate your style with some choicest accessories including rings, bracelets, and earrings that enhance your dressing sense. Choose a pearl earring or a neckpiece to turn your birthstone into an exquisite jewel piece accentuating your appeal.

Gemini women, in general, have a range of dresses and accessories suiting their whims and fancies but still are experts at cross fitting garments and more to bring a personal touch and uniqueness to their dressing sense. This makes others mimic a Gemini’s dressing style which makes the Gemini gloat in pride!


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