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Best Genealogy Websites: Discover Your Ancestry!

by Toni S.

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Genealogy Websites that Will Reveal Your Family Roots!

Human beings have an innate need to relate their existence to a certain identity. While some use land, country, property and their name to derive meaning about their being, others rely on family in order to identify as such and such a person. When it comes to the latter, the patterns in one's behavioral and biological traits can be traced back down the family line to older generations and ancestors. The term used to define the study of family origins and history is Genealogy.

The word is derived from two Greek words for "race" or "family" and "theory" and "science," combining which the meaning is "to trace ancestry." Genealogy is a branch of Anthropology and is a universal phenomenon. It can be found in various forms-- from the rudimentary history to complex family trees-- and can be traced through all nations and periods.


Initially, genealogy was based in the oral traditions which later developed into a pedigree of writing. It was not until sometime around the 1500s in western Europe that the basis of genealogy was widened. Today, it is even possible for most of the people in western Europe to trace their ancestry back through different periods of history.

In the present day and age, there are various websites that can help people trace their origins by providing access to a vast number of records, databases, and tools. These have also aided people in connecting with relatives long distanced and forgotten. The following are some of the best genealogy websites available to people:


FamilySearch is one of the best free genealogy apps out there. It was first launched in 1999 and lets its users search through around 2,000 collections and records and find their relatives in this process. One can use details like births, marriages, deaths and residency records to access important information to help in the process of figuring out the genealogy. Further, the website even has a family tree tool that lets you add a relative to your genealogical tree as soon as you find them. Ethnic minorities, however, will find this website lacking in specialized features to trace their backgrounds.


Priced at $ 19.99, is a comprehensive genealogy website that includes lots of intuitive features. These include family tree building tools and records that are easily searchable. The records in this website are not available for free but can be accessed in a very stylized, elegant format that is not a feature present in sites like FamilySearch. With plenty of subscribers to share trees with and plenty of content, it is among the best genealogy websites available, in value for its high cost.


USGenWeb Project

Launched in 1996, the USGenWeb Project is a genealogical database that was initially centered in Kentucky. The website then grew and branched out to include records of all regions of the United States. These include census records, military records, newspapers, obituaries, and maps, making this website one of the most detailed sites that give free access to people's genealogical histories. It is so vast that the website can get a little tricky to navigate.

MyHeritage Genealogy Search

Priced at $9.95 this website offers around nine billion searchable resources and has an easy interface for the users. It also has features like access to DNA test kits and the MyHeritage app. This family tree builder requires that you enter necessary information regarding your immediate family so as to access its database which is available on a monthly subscription basis. Another interesting feature on this website is called the "show neighbor" which allows you to search for a neighbor who you may have seen in the past and find out what happened to them.

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