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Best Health Insurance Companies in Georgia

by Kelly B.

Health Insurance Georgia, Georgia Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Georgia

Residents in Georgia have good news for them. The year 2019 is witnessing an increase in conservative premium, enabling the Georgians to get a respite from last year’s double-digit hikes in premiums. They can choose from the same four carrier alternatives in 2019. Plus, around 480,000 residents who bought insurance products last year can enjoy more stable premiums now. There have been predictions of a slight increase in premium costs in the state of Georgia. CMS has reported that on an average, there has been a drop in the rates by 1.5 percent all over the country.

However, it is imperative to note that the carriers listed below may not be available in all counties. Insurance products are localized, meaning that they can serve only specific areas. While on exchange plans can be bought only via the federal exchange, as well as may be used with a subsidy in taxes if applicable. On the other hand, off-exchange signifies that the plans cannot be found on the ACA marketplace. However, people can still buy such health insurance products from a carrier directly or from a broker.

1. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia
The on exchange plan may see a drop by 3 percent in the current year. The insurer wishes to serve Georgia’s 75 counties this year. The insurance company may be removing some counties, which were covered by them in 2018 but are also including some new counties in the current year.

Health Insurance Georgia

2. Ambetter
It is also an on exchange insurer whose premium may see an increase by 8.8 percent in 2019. However, the good news is that the insurer is adding 46 new counties of Georgia in 2019.

3. Kaiser Permanente
Both off and on the federal exchange, Kaiser Permanente is also likely to shoot up their premium costs by 14.7 percent. The insurer will continue to cover the state of Georgia, which include Atlanta, as well as, its surrounding counties. The insurer offers many plans on a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Catastrophic level.

 4. Alliant Health
The insurer offers insurance products both off and on the federal exchange and has projected a drop in its premium costs by a whopping 10 percent in 2019. It covers the residents of several prominent counties in the state of Georgia including Floyd, Polk, Gordon, Dade, Walker, and more.
  • Bronze: Offers lowest monthly premium rates and maximum out of pocket expenses. The product is extremely beneficial for persons who have limited medical requirements.
  • Silver: The product features balanced premium, as well as, out of pocket expenses. The premiums cost more than the bronze plan.
Georgia Health Insurance
  • Gold: The Gold plan is associated with a high premium to be paid on a monthly basis along with high benefits. However, the out of pocket expenses here are more than the Silver plan.
  • Platinum- Features the highest rate of premium but the lowest out of pocket expenses.

Reasonably priced health insurance plans in Georgia
A large number of the state’s customers are looking for choices for traditional insurance. While such health insurance products may not be apt for all, you can check them out and compare them to the major health insurance products available in the state.

1. Pivot short term plans
These plans offer short tee health insurance solutions for the Georgians until they choose a qualified major health insurance plan to bring down their financial risks. The plans are renewable after every 90 days and can be renewed automatically for times in a majority of the states without extra medical screenings.

2. United HealthOne
It is another attractive short-term alternative. It is another insurer that provides tremendous flexibility to people who want to opt for a short term health insurance solution.


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