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14 Craziest Laws in Georgia

by Rick J.

Craziest Laws in Georgia, Craziest Georgia Laws

Georgia Crazy Laws

The largest state east of the Mississippi River, Georgia is home to some American favorite treats and traditions. The beautiful state was the 4th to join the union, which is also why it has some of the oldest laws in the country. As a result, there are some pretty crazy laws in Georgia that are still in effect today, and they demonstrate the state's unique history and character. So, dive in and get to know some of the craziest laws in Georgia that every visitor and resident of the state should know.

Crazy Laws in Georgia

It is illegal to live on boats for more than 30 days at a time

Yes, we know that you are disappointed that you can't live on your yacht for more than a month at a time, but that's the law in Georgia. It is illegal to live on a boat in Georgia for more than 30 days at a time during a calendar year.

You cannot sell alcohol in adult book stores

The two might go hand in hand, but it is illegal for adult book stores in Georgia to sell alcohol along with their literary masterpieces.

It is illegal to have absorbent floors in adult book stores

Still on adult book stores, there are strict guidelines about the floors in such establishments. Floors in adult book stores must be made of smooth-textured, non-absorbent materials. We'll leave it to your imagination to guess why that is. 

Arrested farm animals must be milked by the sheriff's office at least twice a day

We'll give you a second to read that one again… it took us a few tries to figure out what this weird Georgia law means. According to the law, if the sheriff's office in Georgia impounds a milk goat or milk goat, someone must milk the animals at least twice a day.

Craziest Laws in Georgia

Homeowners must keep a firearm in their home

This one only exists in Kennesaw, Georgia, and apart from a few exceptions, homeowners must keep a firearm in their home at all times.

It is illegal to wear a hat in theatres

If you are a short person living or visiting in Columbus, you're in luck! It is prohibited to wear hats in theatres, so no one will obstruct your view.

It is illegal to play catch on city streets

Well, this is not quite a crazy Georgia law, as it is a logical Georgia law. In the state, it is illegal to play catch in any city street – whether you are an adult or a child

You cannot keep a donkey in the bathtub

If you have a pet donkey in the state of Georgia, make sure it has enough room in your home or backyard. Keeping it in the bathtub is against the law.

Craziest Georgia Laws

You cannot put dead birds on your neighbors' lawn

Yikes… we can't imagine why someone would want to do that, but still – if your neighbor got under your skin and you want to get even – don't do it by placing a dead bird on their lawn. You may get arrested.

It is illegal to make sounds that travel over 100 feet away

If you are in Atlanta, you should refrain from hooting, shouting, or whistling on public streets at a volume that travels more than 100 feet. We are not quite sure how you can measure the strength of your own voice, so you should just keep your voice at a normal volume.

It is illegal to use goldfish as a means to lure people into games

Goldfish make great pets, especially if you like quiet, but they cannot be given out at bongos and gaming establishments. Using goldfish to lure people into such places is against the law in Georgia.

Crazy Laws

Chickens cannot run around free

It seems that Georgia has many strange animal laws, and this is definitely one of them; in the city of Quitman, you cannot let your chicken cross the road, or run around free and unattended, for that matter.

Bars cannot have "ladies' nights"

In the city of Columbus, Georgia, bars are strictly prohibited from having "ladies' nights".

And not happy hour, too

Well, too bad for the people and the visitors in the city of Columbia… not only do they not have ladies' nights at bars, there is also no happy hour! Yes, you cannot purchase two beers for the price of one.

Well, there you go… the state of Georgia holds within not just beauty, but also some pretty strange laws. These laws do not take away anything from the state, just add a little spice. If you are interested in learning about the weirdest laws in America, go to GoLookUp. You are guaranteed to have a laugh.


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