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How to Get Over a Crush - We all have had a Crush!

by Billy T. K.

How to Get Over a Crush, Tips for Getting Over a Crush,
How to Get Over a Crush

Crushes are exciting because your mind is filled with potential prospects. They can also quickly turn into nightmares when crushes are unrequited. There can be many reasons that you’d be rejected; maybe they just aren’t into you in that way, or maybe they’re already seeing someone. Regardless of why it didn’t work out, everyone’s been there at one point in their life. What’s important is to take your time before making any drastic decisions. Let’s look at a couple of different ways to get over a crush so you can move on with your life.

1. Use your support group
Your friends and family are your biggest assets in times of heartbreak. Use them to heal by talking to them. Friends and family who care about you will listen to you because they want to see you do well in your life. Let it all out by putting everything on the table; cry if you have to. Our society frowns upon people who cry which is just wrong. Crying is the body’s natural way of coping, and it’s as natural as eating and breathing. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to turn to, you can use the internet to vent by blogging about it or talking to people on websites designed to act as support groups. If you can afford it, try scheduling an appointment with a professional.

2. Don’t obsess about it
Don’t keep talking about the pain. Psychologists call this “overtalking.” Overtalking refers to sharing the same feelings again and again, resulting in you feeling sad all of the time as you relive the rejection again and again. If you find yourself constantly obsessing over the pain, try distracting yourself by asking a friend or family member to distract you. You can even pick up a new hobby if you don’t have anyone you can confide in. Activities like working out in the gym, joining a club or going on a trip are all great ways to remind yourself that there is more to life than this rejection.

3. Unfollow and unfriend asap
It is so much harder to forget about someone or get over someone if you keep stalking them on social media. Unfollow them on Instagram and Twitter and unfriend on Facebook if you are really committed to getting over that person. Even if you’re forced to see that person every day, why make it harder for yourself to get over them by seeing them when you don’t have to? Checking someone’s social media is a way for people to keep their relationship alive and people often do this when they aren’t ready to let go.

background check - a note that says unfollow between keyboards

4. Find someone new
The best way to forget about a crush who rejected you is to crush on someone who hasn’t rejected you. There are so many dating apps in 2018 that you shouldn’t have any excuse as to why you aren’t on at least one of them. If dating apps aren’t your thing, consider ringing up an old flame. Whatever you do, keep yourself occupied by meeting new people so that your mind has less time to think about your crush. Make sure you run a people search on the people you speak with to make sure they are telling the truth about themselves, and that you are safe.

5. Remember that this feeling is temporary
It can be hard to think about the future when your heart is hurting. One thing you should remember is that this feeling will pass, and it isn’t permanent. You will get over your crush, however, your feelings will only pass if you keep yourself active. Sitting at home, mulling about how or why things didn’t work out isn’t going to get you anywhere and will just result in you not moving on. Have hope and remember that this too will pass.

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