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Getting Over a Breakup: The Tips that Will Help You!

by Kelly B.

How to Get Over a Breakup, Getting Over a Breakup

How to Get Over a Breakup

Well, breakups can be rough, and there's no denying it. While tactics like bitching about your ex to your best friend can kill some of the pain, it is not a permanent solution — no matter who broke up, its always tough to go through the transformation of being a happy couple to being alone. Breakups can be very uncomfortable to deal with, especially if you have been into a long-term relationship. It's hard to snap the endless memories and good times that you spent together in just a few seconds. However, as they say, life goes on. You have to buckle up and keep moving forward.

Keep your distance

You have to keep a distance after a breakup, or else you will keep falling back, and it will be an endless loop. Stop texting, calling him or her and stop receiving calls from the other side if you want to move on in life. There has to be a total snap of communication regarding physical intimacy, texts, calls, emails, video calling, and social media. If you can’t get over the temptation of visiting his or her profile a hundred times a day, try blocking him or her.

How to Get Over a Breakup
There’s a saying that works well- out of sight, out of mind. This trick of blocking will help you in recouping as you would no longer see his or her daily postings which would heighten your pain even more and also, it would help you in leading a new life without having any interference from your ex’s side. Also, there will be zero chances of you flaunting your new lifestyle on social media to make your ex feel jealous.

Remove painful memories

There can be many things that can trigger your memories with your ex- the gifts from your ex, a song, a particular café where you guys had first met, a specific movie that reminds you about him or her. Try to create a space where you don’t have to deal with these items on a daily basis. Remove the gifts from your table and shelf. Try not to sing that song or play that movie.

Pen your feelings

It’s often difficult to share everything with your best friend. In this case, your diary comes to the rescue. Research has proven that penning your thoughts is a great way to process the pain of going through a breakup. Write about your feelings and be blatant. Write about everything that you went through in the relationship, the ugly break up and why it happened and the after effects of it. Once you are starting penning down your emotions, its intensity alleviates. So, if you are angry or sad, writing it down will make you feel more comfortable and help you in cooling down.

Getting Over a Breakup

Listen to good music

Listening to soothing music is an age-old trick to alleviate any pain. Music heals all wounds and if you have no one to listen to your heart-breaking story, confide it in music. Listening to soft instrumental music goes a long way in restoring mental balance and maintaining a healthy disposition. Try Mozart and see the difference it makes.

Don’t blame your ex for everything

Although it feels great to trash talk your ex with your best pals, it's not a very healthy way to get over a breakup. Disrespecting your ex indirectly makes you disrespect yourself as it was after all your decision to choose him or her in the first place. Also, feeling good about your friends bringing down your ex or you blaming him or her for everything is a very immature way to act. You cannot simply rely on this method to cope, and if you do, you will feel bad after some time and even regret it.


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