Background Check

Performing background check in some situations sometimes become necessary. Many industries which handle personal information related to people or customers perform background check. Some of these include insurance, firearm sales, home healthcare, financial institutions and others. The most common background check that are performed relate to pre-employment verification.

Laws related to background check

There are many types of background check performed, including criminal history, sex offender registry, reference checks, and assessment of skills, credential verification, and credit reports.

In the U.S., the laws related to collection of information pertaining to background check are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Any company using the pre-employment credit report offered by credit reporting companies must not only obtain the consent of individuals but disclose the information so obtained. Credit reports are available annually for every individual free of cost and as paid service as well in some websites, using which housing loans are processed. Social Security Number scans are used to verify the social security number and also to see if the address given matches the one recorded with the number.

According to the regulations set by FRCA, seven years’ worth of information can be collected when it pertains to tax, civil lawsuits, judgements, while the limit is ten years for bankruptcies. Under federal law, there is no limitation regarding criminal convictions, which means any criminal conviction at any point in time in the individual’s past can be retrieved during a background check. But some states like California restrict the reporting of criminal convictions also to seven years.

Types of background check

Most pre-hire background check use the following types of checks:

Education: To rule out false claims pertaining to education, searches including certifications and licenses, education verification, employment history check, licence verification, and motor vehicle report are performed. A verification of driving licenses may be necessary in certain jobs that involve transportation of any kind.

Motor vehicle report: The motor vehicle search also provides information on irresponsible behaviour such as drug or alcohol abuse if any.

Employment History checks: The Employment History Verification aids the employer in verifying if the claims made in the candidate’s application are true particularly related to reasons for leaving a job, employment dates and so on.

Criminal record checks: The state-wide and nationwide criminal record database provides information on any conviction in another state that may not be discovered in the state that the candidate is seeking employment in.

Background Check Search