Marriage Record

Regardless of whether you wish to access your marriage records for your personal use or for a legal litigation, you can always get in touch with the concerned authorities and retrieve the required copy of records after acquiring all the relevant authorizations from them.

What is a marriage record?

As the name suggests, a marriage record is simply a record or a documented proof of a marriage between the parties involved. The official present at the marital ceremony duly signs and submits the marriage license document to the office of the clerk of the county or city. Once the license is filed with the authorities, the certificate of marriage registration is then mailed to the marital domicile. Once the license has been filed by the clerk, it essentially becomes legalized and a part of the public records. Typically, marriage records can be categorized as confidential marriage records or public marriage records.

Confidential marriage records

It goes without saying that a confidential marriage record can only be retrieved with the help of a court order or by two parties involved in the marital alliance. No individuals other than the parties involved can have an authorized access to the confidential marriage records. The parties can legally request an authorized certified copy of the confidential marriage record from the concerned authorities.

Public marriage records

On the other hand, the authorized certified copies of the public marriage records can be accessed by individuals other than the parties involved as well. A copy of public marriage record is often required for a name change on your social security card, passport, driver’s license and other identity-related services.

Why are marriage records important?

In case you wish to change your name on your public ids such as social security card, passport driver’s license and such, you will be required to furnish duly certified copies of your marriage certificate. Also, once you have had your name changed, you might be required to produce the marriage certificate copy for revising your personal information in the bank records and at your workplace as well.

If you are looking for a couple health cover, the insurance company will ask you to produce evidence of your marriage in the form of a certified copy of your marriage record.

Individuals planning to jointly file their federal taxes must ensure that the name of their return filing is identical to the one mentioned on their public ids including social security card, passport and so on.

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