Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is a search engine technology that makes use of content-based image retrieval (CBIR), also called query by image content (QBIC). CBIR or QBIC allows users to provide the system with an image, which will then provide search results related to that picture. In other words, Reverse Search Image is simply using an image in a search engine to look for the information you want, instead of using words or phrases.

This technology particularly comes in handy when users do not know the search terms which would yield correct or desired results. It cuts out the need to guess such terms and can easily provide the search results we desire.

Some common search engines that provide users with this technology are Google, TinEye, and Bing. Some websites or apps like Reddit and Pinterest also have a Reverse Image Search feature that users can make use of.

Uses of Reverse Image Search

There are multiple practical ways that you can make use of Reverse Image Search. Here are some of them.

  • Locate the source information of almost any image
  • Searching for duplicates or versions of the image with higher resolutions
  • Find websites or pages where the image in question appears
  • Making sure that copyright regulations are followed
  • Find related information of the image
  • Find information on unidentified or unlabeled objects/products
  • Trace an image back to its original creator
  • Debunk fake or edited images

How to do a Reverse Image Search

Since Google is the most widely used search engine, here are the various ways you can do a Reverse Image Search on it.

  1. Drag and drop images Go to, and drag and drop an image either from your computer or the internet into the search box. This will yield all information related to the sample image.
  2. Copy and paste image URL If you have an image on the internet that you want more information on, right click on that image, and select “Copy image address”. Then, go to, and click on the camera icon in the search box. Select “Paste image URL” and your results will show.
  3. Upload the image you want to search Go to, click on the camera icon in the search box, select “Upload an image”. Then, choose the image you want to base your search on. You can see the desired results in no time.
  4. Install extensions and right click Another way to do Reverse Image Search faster and with ease is by installing extensions on your browser (Chrome or Firefox). Once you install these extensions, all you have to do is simply right click on an image on the internet you want to search.