Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you ever been pestered by incessant calls from an unknown number that left you wondering who the caller might be? Have you secretly wished to know as to who it is on the other side of the line before receiving the call to make sure whether you want to even go through with it or not? Well, if your answer is yes, then the reverse phone lookup might exactly be the technology for you.

What is a reverse phone lookup?

Reverse phone lookup can be defined as the technique of tracking a phone number to its place of origin (the caller) with the help of a specially designed online search engine or directory. All you need to do is punch in the number on the search option of these websites and the software will sift through its enormous database to list out the detailed information about the caller under whose name the particular phone number is registered. By using the reverse phone lookup technology, you can easily track down the name and address of the caller and employ the information to further your investigation. One of the most popular and widely used reverse phone lookup portals until 2010 was the Google Phonebook Search Operator which could be used to retrieve valuable personal information about people based on their phone numbers. However, the company officially shut down the functionality given the fact that it began receiving thousands of requests from the users every day to be removed from the Google database. That being said, you do not need to be disheartened by this. You can still look up a phone number on the Google Search box and perform reverse phone lookup for required information.

What can you use reverse phone lookup for?

One of the best and most common uses of the reverse phone lookup technology is tracking down the caller information for numbers from which you receive any sort of threatening calls and such. If you have someone harassing you on the phone by constantly calling you up, you can always use the reverse phone lookup to run a background check on the caller, determine if he or she has any priors and employ immediate action to get rid of the stalker.

Consider finding a scrap of paper with a phone number on your office desk and wondering who it might belong to. Or, tracking the phone records of your teenage son’s and spotting an unknown number that has been contacted several times only during the night time in the past few weeks. A reverse phone lookup might come in handy while trying to put a name to a group of mystery digits that might appear suspicious in some way.

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