Sex Offenders

Who is a sex offender?

A sex offender is one who has committed a crime that is sexual in nature. The scope and extent of what constitutes a sexual offense may differ in each state. Sexual offenses are also classified into misdemeanours or felonies based on the extent of the crime.

Sexual crimes can include acts such as luring a child, sexual misconduct, rape, sodomy, persistent sexual abuse, forcible touching, kidnapping, predatory sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Sex trafficking, incest and promotion of sexual performance by a child are other sexual crimes.

Registration of sex offenders

A registered sex offender is one who has a tendency to injure or victimize others and has been convicted of, or has been found guilty of a sexual crime. State and Federal laws make it mandatory for sexual offenders to notify the local authorities of their residence so that the public is alerted of their presence in their neighbourhood.

Level 1 offenders who are at low risk for committing another sexual crime need to register for a period of twenty years. Individuals who are at moderate or high risk (at level 2 and 3 respectively) need to register themselves for life. If low risk offenders are determined to be sexually violent offenders or sexual predators, they also need to register for life.

The duration of registration also depends on the designations that are given to sex offenders. These designations include sexually violent offender, sexual predator or predicate sex offender. A sexual predator is a convicted sex offender with personality disorder or mental abnormality. A predicate offender is a repeat offender, while violent sex offender is one who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense.

Classification of sex offenders

Sex offenders are categorized into three levels based on the assessment of risk of their committing another sex offence or sex crime. Level 1 means low risk, while level 2 relates to moderate risk. Level 3 is reserved for sex offenders who are at highly likely to commit another sex crime.

The sentence the individual receives is based on the estimate of the risk level at the time of handing out of the sentence.

The risk is also considered and evaluated by the Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders before releasing the individual after his sentence. A level of risk will be assigned to the individual prior to release and this also determines the amount of information that needs to be provided to the relevant community.

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