SSL Secured Websites

SSL Secured Websites are websites that operate with an SSL Certificate. SSL here stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a standard security protocol that allows for the creation of encrypted links between a browser and a server.

The key point to be noted here is that SSL Certification ensures that the online communication between a browser and web server is encrypted.

Why SSL certification is important

The Internet is a place where all kinds of sensitive information are sent and received. This is exactly why hackers and cybercriminals prowl the Internet looking for sensitive information. Their objective is to exploit the information once they get their hands on it.

So, how is this information protected?

Well, it’s protected using SSL Encryption. SSL Encryption ensures that only the intended recipient receives the messages being sent and that no one else can read it during transmission. There are several systems involved in helping information get through to the original recipient and it’s possible for all these systems to read the message.

SSL Encryption prevents this from happening by encrypting the information in a way that it can only be read by the final recipient.

Some of the sensitive information sent via the Internet can include personal details or financial information. For instance, when you make an online payment, you are entering sensitive financial information that, if read by the wrong person/entity, can be used against you. However, SSL Encryption makes sure that only those who are authorized to read the information get to read it.

In other words, SSL Encryption is your best bet at protecting the information that you send across the Internet.

There are added advantages as well. SSL Secured Websites are perceived as being more trustworthy. So, if your business has an SSL Secured Website, you won’t have to worry about customers trusting you. There are visual cues that allow users to spot SSL Secured Websites. Either it’s a green bar or a lock icon that appears near the search bar on a browser. Other than that, you also have Trust Seals issued by SSL Providers.

How to get SSL certification?

SSL Certification can be acquired through SSL Providers. Reputed SSL Providers follow several steps with regard to the certification process. This includes conducting a background check on the company that applies for SSL Certification.

SSL Providers will authorize certification only after the company has been verified as genuine and has cleared all identity checks.

To find a trusted SSL Provider, you can use one of the many SSL Wizards that are available on the Internet. These SSL Wizards will help you compare multiple providers on several factors to make your decision-making process easier.