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Go Fish Game Review: Features, Pricing, and Tips

by Keren P.

Go Fish, Go Fish Game, Go Fish Game Review

Go Fish Game Review

Fish or Go Fish should not be confused or used interchangeably with Go. It is a card game, which can be played by two to six players and is no collectible. The game uses 52 cards or a standard deck. However, the game can also be played on fish-themed specialty decks, which are typically available online. You will also find them at several well-known game stores like Games by Walmart and James. While the game is not perfect, it is quite a respectable game, which should be a part of the repertoire of all serious gamers. For many card gamers, Go Fish is one of their most favorite card games.

Price and components

The game is widely played on cards that are large, featureless and flat, pertaining to the game components. When they were first introduced way back in the 14th century, they were indeed an excellent innovation. However, similar to CRT, the mechanic has eventually started showing its true age. It is something that some players complain about this game. Many say that an entire redesign will be welcome, particularly if the game comprised of 3-dimensional pieces like tiny wooden fish meeples. 

Go Fish

However, that does not mean that everything is bad about this game. In fact, you will be happy to know that Go Fish is quite a reasonably priced game. While its price is slightly more in comparison to that of tic-tac-toe, the game is much cheaper in comparison to any of the average euro game of today. Also, the good news is that there are several online and print sources from where you can acquire Go Fish very easily. In fact, some players even pointed out that they came across it in books of their local library. Of course, one has to pay extra bucks for the playing cards while if you are a savvy online shopper, it is easy to get them for about .01 USD on the eCommerce site Amazon along with handling and shipping charges.

Go Fish rules

The game features an excellent theme and can stimulate an actual fishing experience accurately. If you draw a card while playing Go Fish, the experience is as thrilling as if you are on a boat and fishing in real life. Many players claim that they simply love playing this game for several hours complemented by some sandwiches and their favorite beverages. Think of all the fun and no need to use bait like a worm in reality for catching a "fish".

You can easily refer to its deck as a "pond" to make things more exciting.  Another major feature of Go Fish is a mechanic known as "waiting your turn." However, this can be a constraint for the players if they wish to do whenever or whatever they want. Games such as Spoils where all the players are allowed to grab things from the table at the same time appear to have a more elegant design. However, having said so, it can be subject to personal preferences. 

Go Fish Game

Tips for playing Go Fish

There are many players who wish to win every game they play and as such are curious to know the tips and tricks or strategies to perform better. Similarly, you may also be curious to know some of the tips to play Go Fish more effectively.

Firstly, it has been observed that when a player screams loudly while requesting for cards, the act can disturb the opponents in the game, Another common tactic to bother the other players while playing Go Fish is to hum tunelessly. A third strategy is to not give away the cards requested by other players even when they are available in their hand. In fact, the game's designer was not quite specific about defining what is the meaning of "must hand them over." As such, it seems that the rules are flexible enough to be interpreted differently by different people,

A strategy guide available on Wikipedia specifies that while fishing, when a player opts for drawing a rank he/she did not have, it should be asked when their next turn comes. The basic idea appears to be to ensure that a player requests for a card if it is their turn.

Final verdict

Powered by an excellent theme, Go Fish is indeed a fun game. The best part of this game is that children of different age groups can play this game. It is an excellent fun game by which one can keep small kids engaged for a long period of time.


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