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Google People Search: Ways to Use Google for People Search

by Goni S.

Google People Search, Find People Online

Find People Online: Learn How to Track Down People With Google People Search
Have you ever wondered how you can connect with someone you've lost track of? Or how to find the phone number or address of one of your old friends? Spontaneously or regarding a future event coming, such as this particular moment you're preparing the guest list of your own wedding, we sometimes need that "extra help" in order to find the people we are looking for. Here are some paths you might follow to find people online with the help of Google!
Find a Phone Number

If you are looking for a phone number and you only have a name or a business name, you can try the following methods:

Write a full name + Zip code - It's always better if you can attach a zip code to the full name so that Google will significantly narrow the search. Simply enter the name followed by zip code, or even a city, the last that you have heard about. If it is a company, you are looking for, you have great chances to find the phone number in the Contact section of the dedicated website, or simply referred to Google. If it is an individual, you'll probably reach a social media where a phone number may appear. In both cases, if the phone number has already been listed on Google, it will surely appear.

Type a full name on Google - Pay careful attention to entering a full name between quotation marks so that Google will not separate the first name and family name, which could bring irrelevant results. If the person concerned has indicated his/her phone number on social media, you have great chances it will appear with this Google Search.

Google People Search

Use Quotes Around the Name

If you want to find relevant information and narrow down your search to the specific name you enter on Google, carefully surround the full name with quotation marks. In that way, Google will not be able to separate the first and last name. It will avoid receiving billions of irrelevant results. Putting the name between quotation marks makes it a single item, and only results with that full name will appear. Try with your own name to see the difference!

Reverse Image Search on Google

Quite surprising what technology enables us to do today! Have you heard about a Reverse Google Images Search? With the reverse image search service of Google, you can use a picture to find related images from the Web. What will you find when you search with a picture?

- Similar images
- The websites that contain these images
- Other formats and sizes of the picture you searched with

You can either search from a computer, a tablet, an Android phone, an iPhone or an iPad.
How? Go to Google Images, click on search by image, symbolize with the small camera icon, here you can paste an image URL or upload an image from your computer. With Chrome and Firefox, you can also drag and drop the picture into the search box. Once it's done, you'll have a list of results, as well as similar pictures.

Google People Search

Google Alerts

Rather or not you have found the result you were expecting, you can also stay informed and set an alert on a specific name, in order to receive emails as soon as this name appears on Google. This method can work if that person has a presence online, or even if not, you'll be alerted if the person appears online in any way. Note that it is not linked to social media such as Facebook or Instagram, etc. so you'll not receive an alert every time a new post is released.

How? Go on Google Alerts, search for a specific term or name. You'll have an insight into related links in most cases. Then, select "show options", here you'll be able to set the frequency (every day maximum, every week maximum, when one appears), sources (automatic, blogs, news, Web, video, books, finance, discussions), language, region, number of results (only the best results, all results). Once you have created your alert, you'll receive a notification as soon as this name or term appears online.

Google People Search


Google+ was a way designed by Google to find and connect with people using your own connections or suggestions. The Google social network is currently not available for the public as the consumer version was shut down on April 2, 2019, after Google has discovered a security vulnerability, due to a bug that could have exposed private user data. The version for corporate customers is still available, though. For consumers, Google may design new social media in the future, so be all ears!

If none of this technique has worked to reach the information you need, simply enter a name or any information that you possess on Golookup and access to various pieces of information!


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