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Full Google Play Music Subscription Review

by Kelly B.

Google Play Music, Google Play Music Review

Google Play Music Review: Pros and Cons

Google is without any doubt the unbeatable king of search engines and leader in search. They have been around for a while and are now delving into other areas of business, which includes the Google play music app. Google aims to give a tough competition to big players in the streaming audio space with its very own Play Music.

Google Play Music can be accessed through the Web, iOS mobile apps, and Android. It offers YouTube integration, great sound quality, on-demand streams, innumerable tunes in the form of playlists, and artist-specific channels.

Even though Google Play Music offers many interesting features and provides an enjoyable music-listening experience, it cannot be deemed as the best in the competition. Here are the pros and cons of Google Play Music.

Google Play Music - Pros

Great Audio Quality and Content

One of the most important things to note in a music streaming service is its content. Google Play Music in this area will not disappoint you since it boasts of a huge song database which includes more than 35 million songs. Apart from having access to all new albums, and your favorite artists, you can also upload 50,000 of the songs you possess to Google Play Music and add it to your library.

Free-Trial and Other Plans

Google Play Music offers free and unlimited paid plans. The free plan offers:

  • Skip a fixed number of songs every hour
  • Streaming millions of songs, provided you are able to handle ads
  • Acquire suggestions depending on your tastes
  • You can listen to channels
  • Save up to 50,000 audio files
Google Play Music

The unlimited paid option, on the other hand, offers a lot more features in comparison to the free service. By paying just $9.99 per month, you can avail more functionality such as:

  • Access to the premium video service of Google
  • Skip unlimited songs
  • Download music and listen while you are offline
  • Listen to songs without worrying about advertisements
  • You will be able to access YouTube red

In addition to this, if you are ready to pay $14.99 every month, Google Music Play is ready to offer a family plan that allows up to six members in a family to access and listen to unlimited songs. 


YouTube Red Free Access

One of the best features that Google Play Music offers is YouTube integration. Once you become a paid member, you have absolutely free access to YouTube Red. Similarly, you also get to use Google Play Music if you are paying for YouTube Red. In this way, you get to enjoy both services without bothering about the ads as YouTube Red is free.

Intuitive Interface with Great Design

Since Google Play Music comes with an intuitive interface, it is simple and very easy to figure out. It has a great user-friendly design.

Google Play Music Review

Google Play Music - Cons

While there are many reasons for you to love and enjoy Google Play Music, there are a few cons too which you must be aware of if you plan to pay for the service.

Google Play Music Provides No Lyrics

One of the biggest drawbacks in Google Play Music is the absence of lyrics. Even though it offers many interesting features, the absence of lyrics is likely to disappoint you.

Not Available in All Countries

Google Play unlike some of the other music streaming service is not available in all countries and regions. In fact, even its paid content might not be available in all regions and territories even if the country is listed. However, Google is constantly adding new countries and regions to the list, and you might just be the lucky one!

Click on this link to know if this service is available in your area.

Other Google Play Music Cons

Not only are some very important albums missing, but there is also a great deal of non-musical content. Another drawback is that with Google Play Music, you cannot play music on multiple devices at the same time.

The pros and cons of Google Play Music must help you decide if the service fits your requirement. We recommend that you try the 2 months free trial before you go in for the paid service.

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