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Beginner's Guide to Google+

by Garry S.

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Beginner's Guide to Google+

Google+ is the new kid on the block in the world of social media. Launched in 2011, the social network has amassed quite a following. According to a study, Google+ has more than 100 million users. There are several reasons why both businesses and individuals are rallying behind Google+. The social network gives you the amazing power to organize your resources such as Hangouts, Google, Gmail, and Communities. To build trust, users have the option to post their pictures next to their content, which helps them get more hits. Businesses can use Google+ to join communities. Contributing to these groups can help improve their outreach. If you too want to join the flourishing network but don’t know how to go about it, don’t stress! We got your back. To help, we in this post, bring to you some useful tips to get started. Take a look.

1. Creating your profile: The first step involves signing up for Google+. You can either create a new account or link your existing account to Google+. Be careful when choosing the profile you want to link. Avoid using company profiles for a private account as other users using the account will be able to view your activity. If you are creating a new account, you’d be asked to upload a profile picture and provide personal details such as your DOB and name.

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2. Optimizing your profile: A strong profile will help you connect with more people. To help you introduce yourself to other users, Google+ has several fields related to your personal and business information. Fill all these fields. If you own a website on Google, create backlinks.


3. Creating your circles: Based on your activity on social networking sites, Google+ will show you a list of people you might or want know. There are four default circles in Google+: Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Following. You also have the option to create a new circle. Once you add a person to your circle and they accept your invitation, you will be able to view their activity that they publish publicly and share content with them. If you are looking for someone particular, just type their name in the Search box.

4.Sharing circles: The feature helps you share your connections with others. To share a circle, just go to it and click on the Share link. Provide a note explaining why you are sharing the circle. If you receive a circle, click on view people in the circle button to see people in the circle. You can either add all the people in the circle or a few of them to your circle, your choice.

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5. Posting content: Once you have set your house in order, you can start posting updates. You can share photos, videos, or links. Google+ allows you to decide whether you want to share the update publicly or want only people in your circles to view the content. You can even choose to share the update with just one person. To build credibility, post publicly often. Just like Facebook, Google+ provides users the option to tag people or brands in their posts or comments. Tag people only when you are talking to or about them.

6.Changing account settings: To change your account settings, click on the Account Settings link. Google+ has various options regarding the notifications you want to see. You can, for instance, choose to get only notifications by people in your circles. If you do not want to reveal your location when uploading photos from your mobile, turn-off the geo-tagging option.

7. Using Hangout: Google Hangout allows you to chat with up to 10 people at a time. You can use Hangout to host a private or a public chat. If you plan to host a public chat, you must have a YouTube account.


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