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Google Voice Record Call: How to Do It!

by Peggy B.

Google Voice, Google Voice Record Call

Record a Call with Google Voice: Quick Guide

Imagine driving down the road, and receiving a very important call on your Google Voice number! You have to take the call at any cost. What’s more, you also have to note down an address and other crucial information. But, how do you do that when you are driving? That’s when the recording feature in Google Voice comes handy! All you need to do is to press the ‘4’ key on your keypad, and the call will be recorded.

Google Voice makes it easy to record the calls and access it later as and when you please. Here is how you do it:

How to Enable Call Recording With Google Voice

Calls can be recorded on any device, and that includes a smartphone, computer or any other portable device. Google Voice can ring many phones upon receiving a call. The mechanism is server-based, and hence you do not need anything else regarding hardware or software. 

Step 1
Some laws in certain states forbid or regulate phone call recording in different ways. Hence, it is advised to either check your state laws or ask consent from the person you are talking to before you record a conversation using Google Voice.

Google Voice

Step 2
Now, click on the Google Voice app. You can also type on your Internet browser and launch the app directly.

Step 3
You might be asked to accept and agree to Google’s terms and conditions before setting up a new phone number if it is the first time you are using Google Voice. Once you are done, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page to go to ‘Settings’.


Step 4
Select the ‘Calls’ tab under Settings and then go on to check the box right next to ‘Call Options.’ You can now record incoming calls using Google Voice. Press the ‘4’ key to record a call. It is to be noted here that you cannot record outgoing calls with Google Voice at this moment.

Stopping the Recording
You have to press 4 on the dial tab to start as well as stop recording. The part of the chat or conversation between your two presses of 4 will be recorded and saved on the Google server. 

Google Voice Record Call

How to Access Your Recorded File?

Accessing a recorded call is very easy once you log in to your account. You first have to select the 'Recorded' menu item on the left. All your recorded calls will be listed there. Each of the calls can be identified easily as the date, time and duration of the call will be displayed alongside each recording.

You can, of course, play it right there or better still, choose to download it on your device (it is to be noted here that the recorded call is saved on the server, and not on your device), or email it to somebody. Further, you can embed it within a page. All of these options can be acquired from the menu button on the top right corner.

What About Privacy?

Recording a call with Google Voice is easy, simple and fun! But it can pose a serious privacy issue since the person whose call is being recorded might not be aware of it unless he or she is warned.

The recorded call is automatically stored on Google’s server because of which it is extremely easy to share or spread to other places.

If you do not want to be recorded when you call someone on their Google Voice numbers, make sure that you can completely trust the person you are calling, or be extra careful of what you say!

At this moment, there is no way to know or stop someone from recording your call on a Google Voice number. Besides the fact that it is basic etiquette to inform your interlocutor of the recording and acquire his or her consent, it is also illegal in many countries to record private chats without prior consent from all concerned parties.

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