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Grocery IQ: How to Shop Smarter with Grocery IQ Shopping App!

by Garry S.

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Grocery IQ App: Get to Know the Grocery IQ!

It is quite common to find yourself wandering from aisle to aisle, wondering what to buy for your household from the supermarket. The reason you find yourself in this predicament is that you didn’t have time to create a grocery shopping list.

The practice of memorizing the list of items you need to buy seems like a great idea in theory. However, when you are in the supermarket, you tend to forget, which makes the whole process challenging.

Another common situation is to purchase products from the supermarket. Happy that you got everything you wanted, you go back home. However, you realize that you needed to buy another item, which slipped your mind completely.

Isn't it quite the chore that you have to head back to the supermarket and get that product? Don't you wish there was a simpler and easier way to deal with this problem so that you will never be in this scenario?

Thanks to smartphones and the applications that come with them, forgetting what to buy in the supermarket will no longer be an issue you face regularly. 

Grocery IQ

What is Grocery IQ?

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Grocery iQ is an app designed to make grocery shopping a breeze for you. It is free to download from on both app stores and a great alternative to the paid applications for similar purposes.

Grocery IQ Overview

Despite being a free app, the developers made sure it doesn’t have any shortcomings when it comes to features. When you open the application for the first time, it gives you a brief introduction on how to use it.

The user interface is minimalistic and straightforward, depicting that the developers focused on making it functional over everything else. It is a simple process to create a list as per your requirements, with a handful of taps. You have the freedom to name the list, making it easier to remember why you need to purchase specific products.

It is a straightforward process when you have to add items to the new list. The app suggests popular items, making life easy for you. The database is quite extensive, due to which, you are bound to find articles from a variety of brands. After you enter it in your list, you can customize it, such as adding the price and amount you wish to purchase. You have the option of selecting specific categories for the products so that you don't forget to buy it, while you are at the supermarket. 

Grocery IQ App

You can mark specific products as your favorites so that it becomes easier to create lists in the future. Also, once you obtain an item, the app will remove it and store it on a different page. 

If you don’t feel like typing, you can always use your smartphone’s camera to do all the work. The application comes with a barcode scanner, to make it convenient to add items to the list.

You can also use Google to make a checklist of all the things you have to purchase while you are at the supermarket. The best part is that it shows you discounts, which you can avail at different stores. You need to print the coupons before you can redeem them at various establishments.

 There is the option to share them with your friends and family members. You can use the store locator, to find out how far the supermarket is, from your location. If you tap on the name of the establishment, the app will show you where it is on Google Maps.

Grocery IQ is an excellent application to use on your smartphone so that grocery shopping is fast, convenient, and stress-free!

Grocery IQ Reviews

Grocery IQ Reviews

The simplicity of Grocery IQ is one of the features that attract users to download the app. reviewers provided these Grocery IQ reviews:

- "There are a bunch of apps out there if you are looking for a USEABLE way to keep an ongoing grocery list. After trying a couple, I stumbled on this one. I love it for the ease in adding items, and the fact that you can download this app to your phone, and carry your grocery list with you electronically.....not having to try to decipher your own handwriting while you go up and down the aisles. As you buy your groceries, you just tap on the item you have put in your basket and it deletes from your list. No more juggling paper and pencil. I really highly recommend this app. I would love to see those who created this app to come up with one that would keep a current list of pantry items on hand so they could be cross-checked with your current grocery shopping list...

I must disagree with those who say this app doesn't work or doesn't work well on the Kindle Fire. It works very very well for me. Plus, I can do my list on my Kindle and click on the "sync" command, and the additions and changes to my list are immediately transmitted to my android phone."

grocery app

- "I find this a very useful app. I like reviewing previous lists as memory joggers for what I need currently. I like the ease/shortcut offered by clicking on a past item to enter it into the current list. I like how the app tallies what I've spent so far as I toss items in my cart during shopping. Accuracy is dependent on how carefully I enter the cost into the app. I like that I can click a selected item into a separate list, making it clear what I have yet to pick up. Only thing I don't like is the intrusive pop-up of specific items/brands when I'm list making, but that's relatively avoidable. Start-up of the app is pretty intuitive."



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