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Grocery Pal: Review of Grocery Deal Sales App Grocery Pal!

by Toni S.

Grocery Pal, Grocery Pal App, Grocery Pal App Review

Grocery Pal App Review

Grocery shopping is an activity that you have to do every day, every week, or every month, depending on your requirements. The supermarkets in your neighborhood have a myriad of products, making it the place to visit when you need household items.

However, due to the countless options available, it is common to get lost and forget about why you went to the establishment in the first place. How often have you gone to the supermarket, bought a list of products and came back home, only to realize that you forgot a handful of essential items?

Similarly, you might also have been in a situation, where you purchased products you don’t need. You picked them up without thinking twice, and now you realize that you no longer need it.

In these circumstances, using technology will help you immensely because of all the advantages it offers. One app you must use when you visit a supermarket, or a similar store is to use Grocery Pal.

Grocery Pal

What is the Grocery Pal App?

Grocery Pal is an application available on Android and iOS devices. According to the developers, the app allows users to find exclusive deals from some of the most popular stores in America. It includes the likes of Albertsons, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, and ALDI to name a few. The app also has a myriad of features, which helps shoppers immensely.

Grocery Pal App

Grocery Pal is an excellent app, which you can use to find the latest offers for stores in your locality. To find discounts, you need to enter the zip code for your location. After entering this information, the app will display a map of all the surrounding stores.

You have the option of selecting more than 100 retail brands, from over 50,000 locations throughout the US. Once you find the store you like, you can add it to your list. The app will display all the discounts from the supermarkets of your choice. You can search for offers based on the category of the product.

Grocery Pal App

Although there are several apps which allow you to create grocery lists, the feature set of Grocery Pal is unique. Once you find a discount for a particular product, you can add it to the list of things you want to buy. The application shows you a picture of the item, and you can add notes to it. At the same time, it shows the expiration date for the coupons, so that you don't buy products which no longer have the offer.

When creating the grocery list, there is the option of adding custom items. The app allows you to compare the price of the product with other stores, to see where you can get the best deal. You can enter the name of the aisle you will find the product, along with the unit price.

If you are not looking for a specific product, the app has a separate section called “Coupons.” Here you will find a myriad of offers for a variety of items from various stores close to your location.

The app will tell you about the offer, along with how you can redeem it from the supermarket providing the discount. As you select the products, the app will add it to the cart, while informing you how much money you are saving.

Grocery Pal App Review

Even if you change your smartphone, it doesn’t mean you lose access to your grocery lists. All you need to do is create an account, and the app will transfer all your data.

If you are on the lookout which will make grocery shopping easier, convenient, and cheaper, Grocery Pal will fulfill all your requirements!


Grocery Pal App Review

Several users have tried the app, and they each gave a Grocery Pal app review that sums up the grocery list app:

- "It's by far the best list app I have ever used! It's VERY easy to use and actually fun. If you want to get a particular item in a certain flavor or scent it allows you to actually SCAN the product you need so the list has the EXACT item. It's way awesome and saves a ton of time. Not just that but it also has your ads for the stores in your area so u can see what's on sale and where. If you shop Walmart you know that they price match as well as other stores do. This app makes everything be in one spot making shopping fun and easy. It's a MUST HAVE whether your someone who loves to shop or has to pick something up for a family member or friend and you want to be sure u ft the right item."

grocery list app review

- "This grocery list app is wonderful. It allows multiple lists, it saves data both of multiple grocery stores and of prices, it is not too complicated to use and still has lots of features. The two negatives I have seen so far are 1) when in the back of a grocery store I cannot always connect to the network and then the list freezes or blanks because it cannot sync, 2) the items on my favorites list do not update with price, quantity, or other data changes. Overall, this is a fantastic app and I am so glad that I have started using it."

- "This app has everything you need to keep track of your shopping lists. The biggest thing for me is keeping track of prices and adding multiple stores to my lists. Most other apps don’t allow price history. It’s simple and easy to add an item and you can customize items. It also lets you add coupons to individual items and set an expiration date. I haven’t seen that on any other app. I wish the developer would come out with more updates but the app works well for now."



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