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Has Your Zoom Account Been Hacked?

by Keren P.

Zoombombing 2021: Zoom hacking and how it puts you at risk

COVID 19 has made many people work and study from home. As a result, Zoom has become the most popular meeting app in 2020. Unfortunately, Zoom's popularity has made it a target for hackers that got into many accounts. If your Zoom is hacked, it will usually happen during a session, so you can easily discover hacking. Can it hurt you? here are the answers.

Is Zoombombing Dangerous?

Zoom hacking, appropriately nicknamed 'Zoombobing' is just like any other hack; hackers get into your Zoom account by getting their hands on your login credentials. Once they have the info, they will usually bomb your Zoom meetings.

In most cases, you and your personal data are not at great risk. Zoombombing is usually the result of boredom, and many teens hack Zoom accounts for a laugh. However, that does not mean that you are completely safe. If hackers have your Zoom login information, they can use it in your other accounts hack get into your credit accounts, bank accounts, and even steal your identity.

Some hackers even sell Zoom login details on the dark web for a profit. If you do confidential work or have a meeting with a sensitive character, someone could be listening in. That is why even the smallest chance of Zoombombing should be squashed.

Has Your Zoom Account Been Hacked
How to Protect My Zoom Account?

To prevent your account from getting hacked here is what you should do:

Use password protection

Set a unique password for your Zoom account and do not let anyone see it.

Set private meeting IDs

If you want to set a meeting, create an ID for it. Share the Zoom meeting ID only with people who should attend it, and do so over private messages.

Limit screen sharing

Change the screen sharing setting to "host only" so that people will have limited access to what goes on in your Zoom meetings.

Disable file transfer

Hackers can transfer malware in Zoom meetings, so you should limit of disabling file transfer to your Zoom account.

Zoom Hacking: In Conclusion

Zoom hacking might be more benign than other hacks, but it still carries its risks. After a surge in Zoombombing, Zoom has revised and improved its safety measures. To protect your Zoom and the accounts of those you speak to, you should take the necessary precautions made available to you. If your account is hacked, report it to Zoom and make sure your other accounts have not been hacked as well.


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