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Hawaii Child Custody Laws

by Flor P.

Hawaii Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws in Hawaii

What Are the Hawaii Child Custody Laws?

The State of Hawaii now has revised statutes according to which its courts will make a decision on child custody based on several procedures, considerations, and standards. One of the parents or both parents may be granted custody by the court based on the kid’s best interests.

In Hawaii, Child Custody Laws are complex. Parents in the State of Hawaii wishing to get custody of their needs have to comprehend the state’s child custody law to avail the custody arrangements in the state.

Legal custody of the co-parents can make important decisions related to the child’s religious, healthcare, and schooling instructions. On the other hand, physical custody signifies with which parent the child would be living. Additionally, custody can be joint or solo based on the family interaction and dynamics between the parents and the child.

In Hawaii, joint custody can refer to either shared physical custody or shared legal custody. According to the Child Custody Laws in Hawaii, the court can choose the primary custodian, the parent with whom the kid will live. On the other hand, it does not denote that both parents enjoy equal physical custody.

Hawaii Child Custody Laws

Sole legal custody refers to one parent enjoying exclusive responsibilities and rights to make key decisions related to the religion, schooling, and healthcare of their child. It is possible for the courts in the state to award joint custody when they feel that such an arrangement will be helpful and appropriate for raising the kid. The courts in Hawaii also contemplate whether custody should be granted to both of them or either of the parents. When the child has attained a sufficient capacity and age, the court will also consider the wishes of the child.

If there are disagreements between the parents on how to raise their child, Hawaii’s courts can intervene, as well as, determine the child’s custody. Such arrangements thus can be in the following forms:

Types of Child Custody in Hawaii

  1. Physical custody
  2. Legal custody
  3. Joint custody
  4. Sole custody

If the court feels the necessity, it can ask a person or an expert with an adequate understanding of the problem at hand and ascertain the child’s best interests.

Hawaii Child Custody Laws aim to settle for a custody arrangement, which fulfills, as well as promoting the child’s well-being. While making such decisions, the Hawaii family courts do not grant custody only on factors like wealth or gender of the parent but give a higher preference to the kid’s best interests.

Child Custody Laws in Hawaii

A good example here is an arrangement for joint legal custody that enables the parents to make important life decisions for their child jointly. On the other hand, when a court in the State of Hawaii has ordered for a single or sole physical custody of the child, the kid will stay full-time with only one parent even when the non-custodial parent enjoys visitation rights of their child.

In Hawaii, Child Custody Laws typically have a judge making custody decisions while the court can overrule any decision. It has been done with the aim that the court will have the final arbitration power on what lies in the best interests of the child.

Parenting Plan in Hawaii

Following are some of the considerations of a parenting plan in the state:

  1. Children’s needs grow and keep changing as they mature.
  2. When the parent-child relationship continues, it is usually in the best interests of the child.
  3. Both parents should have access to the official records of a kid.
  4. The custodial parent will make day-to-day decisions when the kid is living with that parent.

A parenting plan in Hawaii usually also mentions how kids will spend their vacations, birthdays, and transportation arrangements among others.


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