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Hawaii Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Kelly B.

Register to Vote Hawaii, Hawaii Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Hawaii?

To cast your ballot, you have first to register yourself to vote in Hawaii early. The article gives an overview of all that you should know about ways of registering to vote in Hawaii.

Hawaii-criteria to register to vote

  • Should be a citizen of the United States. It means that people who are not citizens including nationals of the United States are not eligible
  • Residents of Hawaii-  Just because an applicant mentions that they reside in Hawaii is not adequate as it has to be the legal residence of that person along with all relevant obligations
  • Should be a minimum of 18-year-old

The law in Hawaii enables eligible persons to go for pre-registration when they are 16-year-old. These people will be registered automatically when they become 18-year-old.

Hawaii-Ways to register to vote

1. Online registration
Hawaii’s online system needs applicants to show their Social Security Number, State ID or state Driver’s License. These IDs can be verified against the data available in the database of the Department of Transportation that is available with the Department of Information Technology, Honolulu.

Go to to register to vote online. You need to furnish your State ID or Hawaii Driver's License. 2. Mail, print and submit

In case you did not provide these proofs online, you can submit the hard copy of your Voter Registration and Permanent Absentee Application by mail. The Clerk's Office will then check and approve your application.

Register to Vote Hawaii

2. In-person
You can also visit your Clerk’s Office or the Office of Elections in person and submit your application to register for voting. The application forms can be procured from the following sites:

  • Satellite City Halls
  • Office of Elections
  • Most State Agencies
  • U.S. Post Offices
  • State Libraries
  • Clerk’s Offices
  • Office of Elections

Hawaii-Registration on Election Day

In case a Hawaiian voter misses the deadline for his/her registration deadline, they can still be given a chance to cast their ballots at the assigned polling site on Election Day based on their residence address. The person will be told to complete an affidavit for registration and offer a valid ID proof. Check out the IDs what are acceptable in Hawaii for the testimony:

  • State ID for Hawaii
  • Hawaii driving license
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Latest bank statement, utility bill, paycheck, government check or any other document issued by the government displaying address and name. 
Hawaii Register to Vote

Hawaii-First time Voters

In case you are a first-time voter in America and have not registered to vote before in Hawaii, as well as, mailing your registration application, it is the federal law to furnish your ID proof. Identification proof can comprise a copy of any of the following:

  • Current bank statement, paycheck, government check, or a current utility bill; or
  • A valid and current photo ID; or
  • When you do not submit the necessary ID proof along with the registration application, it has to be done with your mail ballot or at your polling site.

Hawaii-vote by mail
Registration applications to vote also include a section where you can request for a permanent vote by mail. You can fill up this section in the form in case you want to get your ballots by mail to vote in all future elections.

Hawaii - How to update registration?
If a voter has changed his/her mailing address, residence, or name, they need to update their voter registration. Their registration can be updated either online or by filling up the Voter Registration and Permanent Absentee Application. After that, the form should be submitted to the concerned Clerk's Office.


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