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Hello Stars Game Review: Features, Pricing, and Tips!

by Toni S.

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Hello Stars: What's it All about?Here is a game, which is available on iOS, as well as, Android platform for quite some time now. In fact, Hello Stars is a mix of a puzzle game and an idle game. As part of it is an idle game, the player can try to get more fans while playing on a larger stage. On the other hand, since it is also a puzzle game, the player can earn coins to progress his/her rockstar career. Check out this detailed review and some key tips to excel in this game easily.

Each level in the game has a job of guiding the ball from a fixed starting point in order to ensure that it comes in contact with all the stars in that particular level. It is the gravity that affects all the objects appearing on the screen including the ball. While you may find the initial few levels very easy to cross, there is a massive increase in the difficulty level in the higher levels, as there is an increase in the complexity. The player can feel grateful for practicing all the functionalities of the draw.

Hello Stars

Hello Stars Top Features

  • The physics puzzles are quite interesting and are not as simple as they appear.
  • You can find the solutions when each level ends.
  • The players have to be flexible while thinking to emerge victorious in the game.
  • Each puzzle can be solved in hundreds of different ways.
  • At present there are 220 puzzles for physics and more levels will soon be added.
However, that does not mean that it is an easy game to play. At times, Hello Stars can even be a bit infuriating for its players. You will also come across the befuddling stage screen at the beginning where the player can upgrade themselves with a number of trinkets.
  • It is available on both iOS and Android platforms
Hello Stars Game

Tips and tricks to excel in Hello Stars Games

Create small shapes
While this is quite obvious, creating small shapes is a great idea while playing this game. It comes handy while grabbing the 3-star ratings and ensures that the player does not under or overshoot their projectile massively.

Create more complex shapes
The game has several stages where some kind of finesse is required and the player has to create a number of complex shapes to avoid the obstacles in the game. When the player gets the correct shape like a zigzag, they should simply restart and try to draw it slightly smaller when they failed to nab the coveted 3-star rating. Very frequently, that can do the trick.
You can try restarting levels
Do not think that restarting is a crime even if it can be slightly embarrassing to restart the levels. We would suggest you to simply tap on the restart button to start from the scratch. You will not have to pay any penalty to do so.

Hello Stars Game Review

Using its clue function can be a great idea
Doing so can cost coins to the player but can be an excellent idea to excel in this game. A player is only able to earn more coins when they complete levels. So, it is fine at times for the player to let go of their pride and do this to stay in the game.

Splurge your coins to get more fans
In order to make the levels bigger, the player will require more fan followings on their stage screen. In order to get more sincere followers, it is recommended by us to splurge your earned coins to improve the dance moves. This can grossly enhance the player's sweet moves for sure.

Focus on getting more fans
Many of the items in this game try to allure the players to spend their hard-earned coins while not changing anything in the game. While the player's drawing line appearance can be altered, it is simply a cosmetic move. Rather, the player should focus more on acquiring more fans in place of sharpening the gear of their avatar.

hello stars features

Hello Stars Players' Reviews

And these are some of the things people who have played Hello Star had to say about the game:

"I like this game but some levels are difficult but I tried to do all of that allover it's a good game I used to love these types of games but they are showing too much of ads but it's a good game. I have downloaded many few by seeing the ads. I have downloaded many few by the ads and they were also good thank u google play for such a nice game I used to draw the line straight but I don't think it will be drawn straight. the ads should be less and the level of the stage are good. I love this game"

"I really like this game. You can do so much on it. I like the dances and the music. And I like that it has a "HELP" Button, unlike some games. And I understand the ads. I cannot a thing of one thing I do not like. Maybe later. Thx Lily".

It has been an incredible year for the field of gaming till now. Also, 2018 saw a plethora of successful games being launched worldwide. It is to be also noted in this context that a number of puzzle games have started making their mark. Hello Stars is definitely one of these puzzle games.


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