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Missing Your Highschool Sweethearts? Here is How to Find Them!

by Toni S.

Highschool Sweethearts, Highschool Sweetheart

How to Find My High School Sweetheart?

That first love in high school holds a special place in every person's heart, but like most early romances, high school flames tend to end. However, there is no doubt that many people would like to reconnect with their high school sweethearts to see what they have been up to, and maybe even to rekindle that sweet high school romance. If you want to reconnect with your high school love, you can do it in several different ways and get back in touch with that special person from your youth.

Go to social media

Even if you graduated high school several decades ago, there is a great chance that your sweetheart from that time has a social media account somewhere. For people over 40 and 50, Facebook is very popular, so you can start your search there. Type in the name of the person that you are searching for, and you will find them quickly and easily with Facebook. If your high school sweetheart is a woman, it is possible that she has changed her maiden name after marriage. You can type in the former name into social media sites and apps, but it is not guaranteed that you will find the person that you are searching for.

Highschool Sweethearts
Try high school alumni registries

Many high schools in the country keep a detailed alumni registry to keep track of people who attended them in previous years. You can contact your high school to get contact information about your high school sweetheart and get back in touch with him/her. Keep in mind that the person that you are looking for may have changed their phone number. You can contact the phone number registered in the alumni registry and ask the person who answers if they have information about your old love and get back in touch with your sweetheart.

Try an alumni search website

There are many people who want to get back in touch not only with their high school sweethearts but also with other classmates. There are several websites to help you and others get back in touch with high school friends, with Classmates being the largest one. As of 2020, Classmates has more than 40 million registered users in Canada and the United States, so you have a good chance to find your old friends and your high school sweetheart as well. To use Classmates, you will need to open a profile; then you can add your name to schools that you attended, search friends on class lists, read and post messages, and even view photo albums from your high school. You can easily find your high school sweetheart on Classmates and similar sites, so you should check them out and see who you can track down.

, Highschool Sweetheart

Go to people search sites

One of the best ways for finding people from your past, including your high school sweetheart, is using people search engines, like GoLookUp. With people search sites, you will get access to public records that include, among other details:

  • Full name of the person
  • Aliases
  • Education history
  • Social media profiles
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Contact information

You can perform the people search by using your high school sweetheart's name in GoLookUp's name-based search engine. If you do not get the desired results, you can use the website's reverse phone number lookup service or GoLookUp's reverse address search. When doing so, you will receive the person's public records data that includes, among other things, their latest contact information. So, by searching old phone numbers, you will get access to recent contact details that will allow you to get back in touch with your high school sweetheart.

How to Find My High School Sweetheart
Finding your high school love can help you get back memories that never get too old, and reconnect with a person who knew you when you were younger. Thanks to social media sites, reunion boards, and people search engines you can find your high school sweetheart in a matter of minutes, so what are you waiting for?


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