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Highest Paying Tech Jobs

by Robert K.

Best High-Tech Jobs, Highest Paying High-Tech Jobs
Highest Paying Tech Jobs

If your technical skills are on point and you’re looking to make a career in Silicon Valley, here is a list
of the highest paying tech jobs on offer:
  • Information Technology Auditor – An IT auditor’s job is to oversee that companies obey all mandatory regulations by examining computer systems and gathering info about controls and accounting. They work in cohesion with system administrators and make sure that the networks are running safely without any problem. IT auditors are also trusted with the task of configuring the resources in a system so they can perform optimally. If you’re focused and naturally observant, you could make a career in IT auditing.
  • Product Manager – A project manager decides the parameters which form the basis for the product an engineering team comes up with. He/she monitors the development of the product from its conception to the time of its launch. They chalk up an outline that aids in the achievement of tactical and strategic objectives and goals. They build a portfolio for the product, manage, and drive marketing activities as well as help with the overall vision for the project and the strategy employed to further this vision.
highest paying tech jobs
  •  Information Security Engineer – An information security engineer corrects any possible security lapses in a company’s infrastructure and strengthens encryption. His/her job is to protect against data theft by hackers or other infiltrators.
  • Enterprise Architect – All the workflows and plans used to deploy and maintain software, servers, and related assets are built by an enterprise architect. It is his/her job to develop the IT strategy.
  • Data Architect – A data architect/data modeler makes use of applied mathematics to form database systems and better facilitate data transfer between them. He/she must be an able visualizer who can depict the numbers  through charts and graphs for data analysis. Their main job is to build archival and storage systems for information.
  • Database Administrator – A database administrator checks data entry operations. He/she uses software to collect and file important data such as financial/client information. They must ensure that this data is accessible, secure, and runs consistently in all systems at all times. It is also their job to troubleshoot systems if an error occurs.
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  • Full-stack Developer – A full-stack developer is involved in every stage of a product’s development. He/she needs to be well acquainted with front-end and back-end development. It is their job to build and design APIs that are created by employing MEAN stack technologies. They must verify that these applications meet required standards and are duly responsive, keeping in mind that the code created has its integrity in place, and also implements data security.
  • Artificial Intelligence Architect – All AI initiatives that are part of an organization are developed, managed, and monitored by AI architects. Having sound knowledge of statistics and maths makes for a good AI architect.
  • Systems Analyst – Systems analysts take care of any technical problems that may crop up in an IT company. There are two specializations in an analyst job – application systems analyst and business systems analyst. An application systems analyst oversees network operations and uses his/her computing knowledge to fix technical glitches. A business systems analyst picks out the system and the software most suited to their organization and acquaints themselves with the nitty gritties of these programs.
  • Software Architect – It is a software architect’s responsibility to decide the strategy and plan needed to execute software creation. He/she sets the goals and pace for other teams engaged in software development. 
While you don’t necessarily need to be technical to land yourself a job in a tech company, it always helps to sharpen your technical skills before attempting to make a career in the IT sector.

If you are concidering working for a certain company, run a companies information search to look for data on the places you want!

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