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Hiring a Contractor: How to know if you’ve Found the Right One

by Rhon A.

Hiring a Contractor, How to Hire a Contractor

Best Tips for Hiring the Right Contractor

Our life is always under construction, literally. We are always in the process of building our careers, relationships, and contacts. Apart from these, we find ourselves getting involved in building, renovating or demolishing things around us to again build something new. Some of these jobs can’t be done by ourselves, they require outside help.

Assigning a job to a contractor is a tedious process since it involves many factors. If you assign a job to a wrong and inexperienced contractor, you may end up with wreckage rather than seeing your dream home before your eyes. Hence, it is important to do due diligence before hiring a contractor through several methods. These methods are very simple and don’t take much of your time since most of them could be done sitting in your home.

Hiring a Contractor

Before Hiring a Contractor

Once you decide to hire a contractor, you should make your mind what type of contractor you are looking for. Sometimes, a specific job needs a contractor specialized in such a job and other times, a minor contractor who does simple works is enough. Based on their skills and type of work they do, contractors are categorized as below:

General Contractor – A general contractor does everything from designing, hiring subcontractors, getting permits, supervision of work and scheduling inspections for authorities.

Specialty contractor – This type of contractor does only specific jobs like fixing cabinets, laying floor tiles, electricity works, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Architect – Architect is one who provides plans for building, renovating or altering homes.

Designer - A designer provides designs for homes and also builds them after approval.

Once you fix your mind on what type of contractor you want to hire, you start searching for the contractor. The following are the few ways to look out for a contractor.

Checking with Your Closed Ones

Friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors are important, reliable and main sources of information regarding contractors. Most of them might have hired a contractor a few times to get the work done. Asking them and discussing in detail the contractors they hired would be the best option if you were looking for a contractor.

Online Search

Searching online is another easy and simple option. Browsing websites, which are specialized in construction and other specific types of work, would enhance your knowledge about contractors. Go through each contractor and check the ratings and reviews by different customers to get an idea about the contractor. The only catch with online search is, they might turn out to be frauds sometimes so it is better you personally visit the contractor and see his work and experience before hiring.

Checking for License and Permits

Once you zero in on a contractor, you should check whether he has the license and permits from respective authorities to carry out the works. Not all states issue licenses for contractors but it is better you enquire the contractor before signing a contract with him. Also, check whether the contractor has renewed his license at the time of hiring him.

How to Hire a Contractor

Checking Out Works Done by the Contractor

Whether you find a contractor through your contacts or online, checking the works of the contractor is essential. An experienced contractor knows in and outs of the business hence he can handle any situation arising during the process of work. You might even like the works of a relatively new contractor if you visit the sites and see his works.

Even after you decide to hire a contractor, you should get thorough estimates and compare them with other contractors. Negotiate the prices, check for insurance and then finally, once you are assured of everything, ask the contractor for a written contract. Read the terms and conditions of the contract thoroughly before signing it.


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