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Home Projector Better than Smart TV?

by Goni S.

Home Projector vs Smart TV

Why People Prefer Home Projectors over Smart TVs

Projectors have been part and parcel of presenting feature films from the beginning. The traditional cinema experience has had projectors as an inherent part of it. Nowadays, projectors have flooded the market as home projectors that are reasonably priced and portable. They are not limited to industries or professional use. Projectors have now become competitors to smart Tvs.

With the new age of technology and the availability of thousands of tv shows online, projectors are now supportive systems that can connect to internet devices and provide a home theatre experience. When people go into the market to look for a media station, there is a tendency to now opt for projectors instead of flat screen television. We have listed some of the reasons as to why people opt for projectors over TVs.

1. The screen size.

One of the most attractive features of a projector is the size of the screen. You can buy projectors with screen sizes up to 100 inches. These digital projectors are affordable and easy to set up, while large flat screen TVs come at exorbitant rates and are difficult to transport and set up. Projectors can display life-sized characters while you watch a movie or tv show. This intensifies the entertainment experience in your home. With the increase in online servers that stream tv shows and movies, like Netflix, Prime video, Hulu, etc. people can choose what they want to watch, and the need for cable/satellite tv has become outdated. Other than that, projectors are also a medium for online gaming. It magnifies game graphics and amplifies the experience.

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2. Projectos take less space at your house!

Projectors are easily portable and come with a screen that is retractable. You can mount the screen wherever you please and then place it on a shelf when you're done. But if you have a flat screen tv, you'll have to pick a spot in your house to mount it onto a wall. They come with big panels that are challenging to set up and after you do set it all up, you have a massive device staring at you when you don't have it switched on.

3. You can controls the intensity of light on your projector

Projectors are designed to reflect images off of a larger surface and do not shine the light directly at the audience. You can adjust the brightness and watch something comfortably without straining your eyes. TV screens are known to have extremely bright screens and shine light directly on to you from a smaller surface area, which tends to strain your eyes, whereas, projectors use a much larger surface area and there is no direct light.

4. You can create a home theatre environment pretty much anywhere.

If you move around often, it is much easier to own a projector rather than a TV. Shipping or transporting a large flatscreen TV can be tedious and expensive. Projectors are more affordable and easily accessible to the internet. You can connect your projector to HDMI, AVI, USB to game or watch something. With a projector in hand, you can create a space in your home that can make it feel like a home theater. The image size that a projector displays are large enough to give that effect. You can also take your projector and set it up outdoors if the weather is beautiful, and invite your loved one or friends over for a fun movie night.

These are some features that make people want to buy home projectors instead of smart TVs.

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