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Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

by Fred F.

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Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

Home security system installation can be expensive but not installing one could cost you much more. A number of compelling reasons exist as to why you should better install a security system for your home.

Protection from intruders

A home security system protects your family from outsiders with hostile intent. As per statistics, properties with no security systems have a 2.7 times more chance of being targeted by burglars. It means the presence of an alarm system deters criminals. Many burglars try to break into a home without knowing whether there are occupants inside. If they find occupants, then burglars are known to take an aggressive stance. Having an alarm system helps the owners of the home to reach a safe room located inside the home and then call the local authorities. It is to be noted that only burglars with malicious intent enter a home knowing the family is still in residence. The home alarm system serves as an early warning system. Law enforcement is quickly notified of such developments.


Fire protection

Home security systems do more than saving owners from criminals. They also protect owners from fire and other related hazards. They warn the home occupants not only of smoke inside the home but also point out the heat sources. The system will also automatically contact the authorities. Heat detectors are built into the wiring for exactly such a scenario. Buying a heat detector with a home security system makes sense as only a heat detector will not contact the authorities. This is vital as only 30 seconds is needed to make a small flame into a blazing fire. A fire will fill the home with thick black smoke. These make it hard for the occupants to breathe. Time is of the essence here. A difference of a few seconds could mean the total destruction of a beautiful and loving home.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

This is caused by an odorless and colorless gas normally found in combustion fumes. This gas is released from stoves and burning woods inside the home. Gas ranges and heating systems all release carbon monoxide gas. As the human senses cannot detect this gas, people suffer shock due to the large mass of carbon monoxide which builds up over a period of time. When it comes to the human body, the red blood cells pick up carbon monoxide faster than oxygen. This leads to organs and tissues receiving less than the needed oxygen. The list of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms includes confusion, headache, vomiting, and dizziness. The incidence of death may also occur in severe cases.

Carbon monoxide detectors can detect the gas in case of leaks. These are small devices and resemble smoke detectors. These units can be bought as individual units or as a component of home security systems. Installation benefits include automatic emergency service dispatch and calling up paramedics to treat carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. It is important to exit the affected area as quickly as possible and the home security system enables a homeowner to do this.

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Peace of mind

Installation of home security systems offers families that rare peace of mind. Owners feel secure knowing they are protected from a plethora of disaster scenarios. This is important if one or multiple members are not in the best of health. A few home security systems come with medical alert pendants.  Users should wear these to ask for help in certain medical situations. Home security systems also make sense to those who leave children alone in the house or apartment. They can be monitored thus providing peace of mind.


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