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Honolulu Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Charry A.

Honolulu Police Departments, City of Honolulu Police Departments

Honolulu Police Departments Information

The Honolulu Police Departments is the law enforcement agency in the city as well as the county of Honolulu, in Hawaii.

About the Honolulu Police Department

The City of Honolulu Police Department was established in the year 1846 in the Kingdom of Hawaii. The jurisdiction of the department is spread across 600 square miles in the city of Honolulu. It also covers the island of O’ahu.

The city and county of Honolulu govern the department through the Honolulu Police Commission. Employees are categorized as sworn and unsworn members. There are 2,043 sworn members and 657 unsworn members. The present Chief of Honolulu Police is Susan Ballard.

The Honolulu Police Department Address is:

801, South Beretana Street,

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813

In case of an emergency situation, one can call 911 to get in touch with the department. Else, the department can be contacted at (808) 529 3111.

The Honolulu Police Department Email address is not shared by the department as it does not cater to online requests. To send any message, the online email form can be used by visiting is the website of the Police department of Honolulu.

Honolulu Police Departments

Honolulu Police Department Organization

The police in Honolulu is headed by the Chief of Police, who is assisted by Deputy Chief(s) and Assistant Chief(s). Next in the organization structure is the Major, followed by the Captain, and the Lieutenant. The Sergeant/Detective, Corporal, and Officer are at the lower end of the organization structure in the department.

There are two main divisions – Administrative Operations and Field Operations, both of which are headed by a Deputy Chief.

Administrative Operations has the following units working under it:

  • Professional standards office.
  • Legal advisor for the department.
  • Administrative bureau with sub-units of Finance, Human Resources, and Training.
  • Special Field Operations Bureau with sub-units taking care of Community Affairs, Major Events, Legislative Liaison, and Human Services.
  • Support Services Bureau that has sub-units like Communications, Information Technology, Records & Identification, Telecommunications, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Field Operations has the following units:

  • Criminal Intelligence Unit.
  • Central Patrol Bureau with sub-units handling District 1 Central Honolulu, District 5 Kalihi, District 6 Waikiki, District 7 East Honolulu, and Central Receiving.
  • Regional Patrol Bureau that has sub-units for District 2 Mililani, District 5 Pearl City, District 4 Kaneohe, District 8 Kapolei, and Specialized services
  • Investigative Bureau with sub-units for Criminal Investigation, Narcotics Vice, Traffic Division, and Scientific Investigation.
 Honolulu Police

Honolulu Police Department Community Programs

The Honolulu Police department has a number of community programs. They include:

  • Business Police Academy: This academy educates citizens about department operations, the justice system, and measures related to crime reduction.
  • Citizen’s Police Academy: The academy offers a 12-week course for citizens so that they can be familiar with the work of the police department.
  • C-TAP: This is an initiative meant to inform motorists about the zero tolerance for motor accidents.
  • DARE: This is an initiative for young people to help them lead a life free of drugs and avoiding violence. It helps them resist peer pressure.
  • Neighborhood watch: This initiative involves citizens to keep their locality safe and help in the fight against crime.
  • Explorers: This is a program for young people 14 to 20 to help them understand about a career in law enforcement.
  • Operation ID: This is meant to make identification of stolen property easy, thereby making it difficult for thieves to profit from their crime.
  • Senior Safety Events: This helps in ensuring the safety of senior citizens through education.
  • Keiki Print: Information on children is collected by guardians and saved through this initiative. This is helpful in case the children are lost.
  • Police Activities League: Sports, cultural programs, literacy programs, other activities are offered for citizens.


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