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Houston Police Department

by Garry S.

Houston Police Department, Houston Texas Police Department

Houston Police Department: Management, Hours of Operations, Address and Contact Information

Houston Police Department serves the city of Houston, Texas, United States. The department was founded in 1841.

The goal of the Houston Police Department is to enforce the laws, ensure peace, reduce fear, and thereby create a safe environment. The department works cooperatively with the public within the framework of the constitution of the U.S.

The mission statement of the Houston Police Department talks about preserving and advancing democratic values, improving the quality of community life, improving the quality of work life, professionalism and basic principles such as human freedom and equal treatment to all.

A police department is bureaucratic, quasi-military and operates at the ground level, and as a result, it has many management challenges. The bureaucratic features include division of labor, chain of command, written rules and policies, impersonal relationship and selection and promotion based on competence.

Houston Police Department
Though bureaucracy has its merits, there are typical drawbacks such as lack of flexibility, resistance to change, and inefficiency. Emphasis on discipline and a rigid chain of command make a police department quasi-military. Police officers are empowered to make their own decisions, but discretion may lead to abuse or misuse of power. In such a scenario, police administrators are accountable for the conduct of their officers.

Houston is a larger city, its police organization is also of a bigger size. A Chief of Police heads the Houston Police Department. The office primarily does coordination, and it facilitates directives, needs assessments, internal and external requests from all stakeholders that include Mayor, city council, city departments, outside agencies, and citizens.

There is an office of budget and finance which is responsible for fiscal management and oversight of the budget for the department. This office is headed by a civilian deputy director who is also a member of the Chief’s senior executive staff.

Houston Texas Police Department

There is also an office of legal services which provides counsel and representation to the Chief of Police and the command staff on a wide variety of subjects related to the operations of the department.

Two distinct operational units viz. investigative and special operations and field and support operations report to the Chief of Police. The investigative and special operation unit is assisted by the offices of public affairs and technology services. The office of public affairs is responsible for media relations, community service functions, commendations, and awards, etc. The office of the technology services provides 24/7 operational support to all critical information processing applications.

The field and support operation unit is assisted by the office of planning and data management. Under the investigative and special operations unit, there is criminal investigations command, special investigations command, organizational development command and homeland security command. There are a number of patrol commands under the field and support operations unit.

A patrol unit is a key component of the police department. The primary responsibility of a patrol officer is responding to calls for service. Another common part of a police department is a criminal investigation unit.

Houston Texas Police Department

Art Acevedo is the present Chief of the Houston Police Department. There are 5,200 law enforcement officers in the department. In addition, there is 1,200 civilian support personnel.

Policing is a round-the-clock activity, and the police department functions are designed accordingly.

The postal mail address of Houston Police Department is:

Houston Police Department

1200 Travis Street

Houston, TX 77002

To take help in an emergency situation, there is a dedicated number 9-1-1 to call. This number must not be used for a non-emergency situation. Abusing of 9-1-1 is considered illegal.

One may dial (713) 884-3131 for non-emergency police service within Houston city limits.

The phone directory of Houston Police Department is displayed on its website.


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