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How to Find Jail Mugshots?

by Kourtney C.

How to Find Jail Mugshots, Online Mugshots

How Can I Find Mugshots of Someone in Jail?

Mugshots are the pictures of offenders that you see on the wanted posters in the post office or any other public office. Mug shots are generally pictures of the front profile and the side profile of a person after he or she has been just arrested. The purpose of taking the mugshot is to keep a picture log of all the legal offenders in the country. Mug shots become part of the permanent criminal record of the defendant and hence become part of the public record, to which all members of the general public have access to. ‘Mug’ was a slang used by the Britishers that meant face. The mugshot can be interpreted as a small picture of the face.

Use of Mug Shots

Mug shots are used for wanted posters. In some of the high profile cases, the mug shots are published in the mass media, to spread awareness or collect information. Often mug shots are gathered together into mug book that helps to determine the identity of a criminal. The mug shot is used by victims or witnesses to identify the criminal or perpetrator. For instance the series of mug shots of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy is still very popular.

How to Find Jail Mugshots
He was arrested by different states, numerous times, for different criminal acts, and in each one, you can notice how he tried to change his appearance by altering his hairstyle or the way he shaped his beard. The legal authorities study such cases to prepare themselves better to catch a criminal. Some people want to collect mug shots for their own investigation or collection.

The Following are the Steps to Find Mugshots of Someone in Jail:

  • As mug shots are part of public record that is why they are available in many online websites. At first, you need to select a website that posts mug shots of criminals on a regular basis. In the website search by filling in the first name, last name, and stat. You may also have to put the county or city name of the place of arrest. If you go to you could easily get hold of the mug shot if you enter all the above-mentioned details correctly.
  • If you are looking for the mug shot of a person from a particular correctional facility or jail, then find In the website look for the link or search for a mugshot. There you will find the mug shot of most of the prisoners from that particular jail. Keep in mind that not all prisons let the general public see the mug shot of all of its prisoners.
  • Another way of getting hold of a mugshot of an offender is by searching for it in the state’s department of corrections website. In the website look for links like Offender Search, Prisoner Search, Prisoner Locator, etc.
Online Mugshots
  • Nowadays there are many mobile apps that you can easily download in your handy smartphone that have records of all prisoner mug shots. These apps let you search for all the criminal records for free. Maybe some records are still missing but these websites and apps update the information on a daily basis.
  • Most families, parents and legal authorities are extremely concerned about sex offenders that live in their neighborhood. For this reason, there is a separate sex offender registry that is maintained by the federal government. Each individual state has its own sex offender registry, that contains the mug shot of the accused along with details of his or her criminal records. A mug shot is compulsory for any registered sex offender. You can easily get all the details by typing in their name, or even by a search for sex offenders by giving the location. Keep in mind that the person must be convicted of a sexual offense to be part of the registry.


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