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How Do Search Engines Work and How Do Search Engines Rank Websites

by Rob V.

How Do Search Engines Work, Search Engine Rankings, Search Engines

How do Search Engines Rank Websites?

Search engines are a software program that allows people to search for content on the internet using the World Wide Web. The search engine looks for websites, documents, images and articles that are related to the keyword that the user enters. Smartphones, tablets, computers and so on can give access to search engines. Most browsers have a text box on top, where you enter the keywords. Search engines use robots/bots to crawl through the internet from page to page that collect information to create an index on the Web. Most search engines have crawlers or bots that travel through every site and page that is readable and an algorithm creating an index from these pages as well as an algorithm that receives the search requests and matches it to the index, returning the results.

When you type in keywords in the search box, you find a list of websites that relate to your search. The order in which the results display is also called the ranking. Each search engine has its own set of algorithms and programs to rank websites. Every search engine will provide different results. There are a few factors that search engines use to rank website's pages.

how do search engine work

Factors that affect the rankings of websites on search engines:

I On-Page factors

On-page factors are necessary for websites to get ranked. These factors work on the website's pages to improve the search engine's rankings for keywords. The website's publisher has these on-page factors under his control. Here are some of the on-page factors that affect the search engine's ranking of the web page.

1. Quality content.

Search engines love unique and relevant content. If the page is informative and provides information without diverting, it affects its ranking positively.

2. Title Tags

Title tags that are accurate and provides an overview of the content on the page are essential. Title tags are an HTML tag.

3. Structure of URL

The URL structure must contain the main keywords. It plays an important role in search engine optimization.

4. Meta description tags

A brief description of the content on the website's page is an aspect of on-page factors.

5. Proper HTML and CSS validation.

It eradicates bugs and glitches and enhances the user's experience.

II Off-page Factors

The publisher does not have any control over off-page ranking factors. These factors improve the website's ranking. They do not consist of text or content on the website's page. Off-page factors affecting the ranking of websites are.

1. Creating quality links.

Websites should be linked to increasing search engine rankings. Links on the websites to other websites prove that the site has valuable content.

2. Forum posts.

Online forums that allow people to discuss topics and share their opinions and views. Links to various websites are posted on these forums.

3. Social networking

Using social media to create traffic on the website. Social networking helps in sharing and promoting the website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and so on. It attracts attention and is also a way to build links.

4. Videos.

Ranking of websites can be improved with the help of videos. It helps in giving information for its content to the search engine and creates more traffic.

5. Blogs

When people blog about websites, they create unique and opinionated content with links to the websites. It adds to the factors that affect search engine rankings as it creates traffic automatically with no cost.

Search engines use its own algorithms to rank websites to ensure that the results are relevant to the search. Working on these factors will improve the website's rankings on search engines.


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