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What is My IP? Learn How to Find it Right Here!

by Eddie V.

What is My IP, My IP Address, Find IP Address Location

What is an IP and How to Identify your IP Location?

The IP address is an abbreviated version for "Internet Protocol address." The address refers to a unique number that is linked to the online activity you do. Whenever we go online to chat, surf or shop, a request is sent to the right destination. In turn, the required information has to find a way back to us.

IP address steps in right here. The Internet Protocol is designed for addressing, delivering and routing online requests precisely to the user in question. It is like responsible for attaching an “online return address” to all online requests and activity for the users. The addresses it uses in the form of numbers assigned to computer user interfaces is the IP address for your connection.

IP Address: Temporary or Permanent?!

The IP address is not permanent. It varies from location to location because it depends on the network you use to connect to the internet. When at home, an IP address is given to your computer or mobile device by your Internet Service provider. Since the Internet Service providers are the ones giving access to the Internet, it’s their responsibility to assign an IP address to your device. But it can change from an activity as insignificant as rebooting your router.

What is My IP
Your home IP address does not stick along with you if you decide to go to the Alps for a vacation or something as routine and mundane as hanging out in your favorite café. When you connect to the WiFi in the café, your IP address changes and is the one assigned to your computer by the Internet Service provider for that coffee shop. But you don’t need to get all scrunched up worrying about your current IP address. It is all sorted thanks to the intelligent designing behind the internet, wireless networks and the Internet Protocols that are quietly at play behind your computer screens every time you go online.

What Do IP Addresses look like?

Two different versions of IP addresses are in vogue currently, IPv4 and IPv6. These two are quite different to look at. These are just a long string of digits, written in a special way to make them user-friendly. IPv4 addresses are written in the form of a block of four digits between 0 and 255, demarcated by dots, for example,

Owing to the explosive growth in the number of internet users, we have understandably run out of IPv4 addresses. Nowadays IPv6 addresses are used which are considerably longer strings of numbers using hexadecimal. These fit in more information in a lesser number of digits. Another point of difference is that colons separate the segments instead of dots, e.g., 2001:0dB8: 53.

My IP Address
How To Find Your IP Location?

Using GeoLocation we can track down IP addresses right down to the country, region, city, latitude/longitude, Internet Service Provider, etc. Such information is stored and collected by different registrars in different databases. However, the accuracy of the data uploaded differs from registrar to registrar. Some may upload extremely accurate data while some incorrect upload data.

Here the rule of thumb applies. The more generic data you asked for, the greater will be the accuracy in pinpointing the geolocation. 90-95% of times, country locations are more precise compared to pinpointing the exact location of the user such as zip code/street address/building number, etc. The IP address allocation and registration varies from country to country as it is unique for each separate country. Also in most cases, IP addresses are based on provider position rather than on the user or company position.


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