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GroupMe: What You Need to Know About the GroupMe App

by Kelly B.

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GroupMe Text Messaging for Groups - How Does it Work

GroupMe is a messaging platform for smartphones that is owned by Microsoft. The company was launched privately in 2010 by the name GroupMe. GroupMe allows people to create customized chatrooms for small groups of friends and colleagues. In 2011, GroupMe was responsible for delivering more than 100 million messages every month. In June 2012 that rose to 550 million. In 2013 the GroupMe app had over 12 million registered users.

GroupMe’s group chatroom feature can be used for numerous applications. At offices, GroupMe can be used to stay connected with colleagues and relevant members from various departments. It can also be used to create chat groups for each department where various discussions on projects can take place. At the same time, GroupMe can be sued to create family groups and stay connected with friends and family and plan holidays and trips with them.

The GroupMe App works on every smartphone, be it iOS, Android or Windows phone. It is also compatible with a computer and a tablet. Users can chat with groups of people from multiple locations and at any point in time. Added to this, GroupMe is also compatible with SMS service; this means that GroupMe users can send messages to numbers not registered on GroupMe, and the receiver can respond via SMS.


Using GroupMe

To use GroupMe, the app needs to be downloaded, and an account needs to be created on their portal. It can also be linked directly to a twitter or facebook account. The users are then asked to verify their device phone number through a text message. GroupMe requests permission to access contacts and location. Enabling the location allows GroupMe users to chat with other GroupMe users who are located nearby.

After successfully logging in with an account, the GroupMe app begins synching with all the contacts on the phone. Subsequently, the user is now free to create groups of their choosing and any size. Anyone who is a part of an active group can turn off the notification whenever they wish to for that selected group. Every group that is created is given a label and a unique ID number. Users can share a variety of content other than messages such as photos, videos, locations, personalized emojis and can even create events. Users can also manage a calendar for events, invite their friends to the app and even create polls.

GroupMe App

One thing that should be kept in mind while using the GroupMe application is that there is no way to delete a previous message on the app. The app also has a feature that allows its users to search for content directly on the web without requiring to open up the web browser separately. Apart from group messages, GroupMe also has a direct messaging service just like most common messaging apps. The user can start a direct conversation separate from a group simply by clicking on the avatar of the contact. This starts a new conversation separate from any group. The Geolocation feature allows users to meet new people and make new friends depending upon their location.

History of GroupMe

GroupMe was first conceived at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2010. The founders of the company Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci were successful in raising $10.6 million in venture capital from firms like Khosla Ventures and General Catalyst Partners. They also secured some angel investors among other sources of investment. In August 2011, Skype acquired the startup for $80 million. Skype had already been purchased by Microsoft in May of that year. The app went significant redesigns following the purchase in late 2012.



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