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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce?

by Kourtney C.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce, Cost of Divorce

How Much Does a Mutual Consent Divorce Cost?

Divorce is no doubt a messy affair, which consumes not only your life and your spouse's but your children's as well. However, some of this mess is mitigated and taken care of if both the parties usually agree to get divorced. This process is not only easier to handle but is more cost-effective and simple. There are several ways to get a divorce when both the parties mutually agree to it- several ways of recourse which may or may not involve a court.

Do- It-Yourself

If both you and your spouse are in agreement about the divorce, then one of the most cost-effective ways is to go through the entire process on your own. This method involves the least involvement of outside professionals, and the only fees that either of you will have to pay will relate to the paperwork in filing your divorce.

This method is the best if both you and your spouse have worked out how the assets will be divided, and who will have custody of the children. Such a divorce proceeding will only cost about $300 to $1500, depending on the state you are in.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce

Divorce by mediation is a process by which the two parties talk to each other in the presence of a third person, who has a background in the laws and the finances related to divorce and can help the couple to navigate the different steps which are required to complete the formalities. The mediator can help in various other aspects too, including helping the two parties draft their case, handling the court-related issues, and helping the couple through any misunderstandings which may arise.

The price of the divorce mediator can range from a minimum amount of $3000 to a maximum amount of $7000, depending on the state the two couples reside in, the complexity of the case, and the handling charges taken by the mediator.

Cost of Divorce
Divorce By Collaboration

The Collaborative Law Process, which is also termed as a Collaborative Divorce is a cross between a divorce mediation and a lawyer-hosted divorce settlement. In this method, both the spouses hire a lawyer, who's job is to mediate the talks between the two parties, bring the demands of their clients on the table, and reach a conclusion through mutual consensus on the basis of their discussions.

A collaborated divorce is quite an expensive affair, with the minimum price amounting to $25,000, and the maximum price of the whole affair costing $50,000. The amount ranges according to the state the two parties are located in, the complexity of the situation, the amount the two parties are agreeing to cooperate, and the number of lawyers and experts who have been employed to look into the different aspects of the divorce.

The Cost of an Average Divorce

An average divorce can range from anywhere between $300 to $200,000. Granted, most people will want to employ the cheapest option, as it seems like the best way to finally achieve their freedom.

However, there is no easy way when it comes to the option of a divorce. This entire situation is an extremely personal affair, which can get highly complicated through the presence of assets and children. Unless the two parties are in complete agreement on what they want and do not want, there can be no easy solution to this entire affair.

Like in every situation, a divorce too can cause problems because different people want different things. There is, unfortunately, no one size fits all solution, and couples have to move according to what feels right for them.


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