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How to Find Out How Much a House Was Sold For Freely

by Andy A.

How to Find Out How Much a House Was Sold For Freely

Learn How to Find How Much a House Was Sold For FreeThe Real Estate market in the United States has been impacted by the financial crisis of 2008. During the last twenty years, different trends have been observed: attractive house prices and low mortgage have been observed from 2000 to 2006, followed by a house price growth trend from 2012. These last ten years, the United States observes a steady, yet slow rise in employment rate, wage, and salaries, as well as personal consumption. These three pillars support economic growth in the country. As the economy grew, home prices also rise across the country. Home prices are a result of supply vs demand.

Rather you are an aspiring buyer and considering purchasing a new home, or thinking about selling your current home, here is a guide to understanding more about the real estate market and how much a house was sold for free and in any state of the country!

The United States Housing Market Overview

Let's start with a few general facts to understand what are the median values of the United States market. In October 2019, the median house value in the U.S.A. was $313,200 (an increase of 5.4% year-over-year), 269,239 homes were sold (an increase of 1% year-over-year) and the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 3.7% (decrease of 1.1% year-over-year). The median price per Square Foot is $144 and the median square footage is 1590. There are currently 2,948,634 properties on the housing market. And surprising news is that, according to the 2019 National Housing Forecast, 2020 is expected to be the peak year for Millennial home buying.  

If you wonder what are the sold prices of houses around you or if you want to start anticipating the future and your home buying project, it could be really interesting finding out 
how much a house was sold for. Here are a few tips!

how much a house was sold for

Find Recently Sold Homes Price with Zillow

This home search website features a searchable database of home values that enables you to find how much was a house sold for. The "Recently Sold" section of Zillow allows you to select any geographical area of the country, gives you the price the house was sold for, the date it was sold on, the square footage as well as pictures and text of the ad. It also gives you a glimpse at the facts and features of the house, for example, if the house offers parking, the year it was built and sometimes the price history and agent information.
Zillow is a great website to know about the market temperature in an area, to have predictions concerning the increase and decrease of the market in a specific area and much more! You can also refine your search by selecting criteria such as the price range, number of bedrooms, home type, parking spot, square feet, lot size, amenities, as well as views. The only disadvantage is that the research is usually limited to transactions that happened in the last 36 months.

Zillow works in every state of America, giving you an amazing and very intuitive and fast way to research how much a house was sold for, for free!


Real-Time Information on Sold Homes With Redfin

Redfin has real-time information on sold homes that enables you to know how much was a home sold for very easily and in any area. How to proceed? To search for sold homes, you first search in the area you are willing to get sold the information in and then press "More Filters" and turn on "Sold" and turn off "For Sale." Then, you will be able to find all the sold houses in the area selected.

The website may require to sign in in order to get complete information for some of the sold houses. You will be able to get exhaustive information on how much was the home sold for, the agent commission, the cost of homeownership with an option to customize calculations as well as all information about this home. You can also, in some cases, obtain the property history. For example, for a family house located in Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York, you can see that it has been sold for $1,285,000 in March 2014, and sold recently in November 2019 for $2,250,000. This information comes from Multiple Listing Service or public records and is at your disposal for free!

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