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Gmail Contacts: Learn how to Access Them

by Toni S.

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How to Open and Access Gmail Contacts

No one takes the time to remember a number anymore, it all gets saved on the smartphone and other times gets backed up on Gmail contacts. It is easy to manage your Gmail contacts online. You can add or edit people to your list of contacts and even sync this list with your Google+ account.

Access your Gmail Contacts

Here is how you can open your Gmail address book in a browser

  • Open Gmail in your browser
  • Click on the Apps icon on the upper right side of the window
  • Click on contacts. This will open a window in which you will be able to view all contacts.

If you have an older version of Gmail, then there will be a slightly different method to access the contacts. Here are the steps that you will have to follow:

  • Open your Gmail accounts screen
  • Click on Gmail that can be found on the top left panel immediately under the name Google.
  • Then select contacts from the drop-down menu that will open a Google Contacts screen and also opens a contacts folder on the left panel of the Gmail screen.
  • On the other hand, you can also access your contacts with the help of a keyboard shortcut. All you need to do is press the g key followed by the c key immediately when you are in Gmail to gain access to the list of contacts in the left panel.
  • You can also enter in the field for URL to directly open the contacts folder in the Gmail screen.

How to work with your Gmail Contacts

Once you have opened your contacts in the left panel on Gmail, you can

  • Either open all of your contacts or just starred contacts
  • Even view all the contacts in your circle
  • View the people you have contacted the most
  • Form a new group of people in your contacts
  • Import contacts from any other provider

Gmail Contact Features

One of the things that are so enjoyable about Gmail is that it can easily be used along with other Google aspects such as YouTube and Google+. You can easily add anyone you interact with.

Gmail keeps track of the people that you frequently stay in touch with and adds them to a frequently contacted list.

It can automatically merge info and other details that your contacts choose to share with.

Gmail Contacts
You can integrate your contacts with Google+ which can help you easily incorporate people from your contacts into the circles in your contact list. There are a few people that may not choose to share their email address on Google+, but you can easily use the Gmail Contacts to find and gain access to their profiles if you have their email saved.

You will not have to worry about duplicate entries in your contacts they will all be automatically cleaned up. All you have to do is click on the Duplicates option in the left panel of your Gmail Contacts screen.

You can keep all of your group contacts together. That is if you want to keep business contacts separate and personal contacts separate, or even make a special group for a project that you are currently working on, all of this can be done with Gmail contacts, and you can send the entire group an email in one stroke.

With Gmail, you will be able to import quickly, export, and even print an entire list of contacts with no hassle.

Google has become a significant part of everyone's life, and Gmail contacts are what helps everyone stay connected and ensure that they never lose touch with people who matter.

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