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How to Act on a First Date?

by Toni S.

How to Act on a First Date, First Date Tips

First Date Tips to Make a Good Impression
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The first impression is most definitely the best impression you can make. Therefore the way your first date goes might determine where your relationship might be heading. Are you looking for ways to impress your date? How should you act on your first date so that it goes well for both of you? It is not always about doing something dramatic. The key is to make sure that both of you have a good time. Here are some first date tips that are useful for both men and women.

Dress to Impress: There is never a second chance to make a first impression. 
The dress you choose talks first. Dress based on the place where you have made the reservations. Choose something that is neither gaudy nor too boring. Avoid clichéd looks. Wear something that you feel comfortable in. When you are with your date, your focus should be on your conversations and not on the dress.

How to Act on a First Date

Work on your Listening Techniques. Hence, Try to be a Good Listener!

Everyone loves to open up to a person who keenly listens. Your body language, the kind of response you give all show how good a listener you are. Ask questions now and then to show that you are actually listening.

Listen to the Person infront of you and Show Geniune Interest In What They Have to Say!

When you show legitimate interest you might be all ears to what the person is saying. Besides creating a good impression about you, it also helps you understand the person better. When you show your interest your date would feel more comfortable conversing with you.

Don't Be Late. Showing Up Late is a Sign of Disrespect! 

Arriving on time, or even a few minutes earlier has its own perks. One is that punctuality gets brownie points with most dates. The other is that when you have some time at hand, you would be able to relax and handle the situation better.

First Date Tips

Try to Avoid Distractions and be Present As Much as Possible 
Give your phone some rest while you are with your date. Smartphones can easily distract you and take you adrift when you are in the middle of a conversation. Turn on the silent mode and look into the eyes of your date when you converse.

Choose a Good Location for First Dates!
First dates do not always have to be at a fancy restaurant. It could be in a small cozy coffee shop or a place that interests both of you. Choose a place that either of you is familiar with.

Eventhe Food you Eat Plays a Role! 
Experimenting new items on the menu can be fun. The other way to do it is to allow your date to select his or her favorite dish and then order the same for yourself. This can make it easy for your date to build a feeling of trust and feel comfortable with you.

first Date

Have a Plan but Don't Try to Control the Sitaution! 
There are plenty of icebreaker questions that work well on a first date. You can have a rough picture of how your date would go and what kind of topics you can discuss with your date. But use these ideas only if you find that both of you are struggling to make a conversation. Otherwise, set aside all your plans and let the date proceed naturally. Let your conversation be the driver. Sometimes when you do unplanned things on your first date, it makes wonderful memories.

Be as Open Minded as You Can! Leave your Prejudgements at Home! 
Besides all of these tips, the one crucial thing to do is to leave your prejudice behind at home. Just because your previous dates did not go as you had imagined, your current date might not be bad. Every date is going to be different. Keep your mind, and your heart open.

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