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How to Add Emoji to Your iPhone Keyboard

by Perry H.

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How to Add Emoji to Your iPhone Keyboard

Online chat services such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and other services have popularized the use of emojis. They have turned into powerful gestures capable of conveying emotions and reactions effectively. They have become so popular today, that it is impossible to imagine any kind of chatting service or app without them.

Emojis were not always this popular and neither was designed so attractively. The humble beginnings of emojis can be traced back to the days of early 90s communication services such as Yahoo Mail, AOL Messenger, and MSN. Back then these were just regular emoticons created by combining various letters and characters. Chats have now taken over these mailing as the primary form of unofficial communication or general online conversations. With this new age of communication, fully-designed emoticons, also known as emojis were released.


What are emojis?

Emojis are completely fleshed-out versions of emoticons and other kinds of symbols. Emojis are found both on messaging apps on smartphones and on all kinds of social media websites. Emojis can be easily accessed by opening up the keyboard on the chat section and clicking on the smiley emoticon. Doing so will open the emojis section, where users can choose from the various emotions and gestures that they wish to convey. While there are numerous apps for adding emojis to iPhones, they are not really necessary as iPhone comes with a huge collection of pre-installed emojis which only needs to be activated.


Activating emojis on iPhones

Adding emojis to iPhones takes a bit of exploring the various options and settings. Instead of a simple activation bar, a new keyboard feature needs to be enabled. This is because in iOS, the emojis are also treated as a set of characters like alphabets. Since the standard English language setting has a fixed number of formal alphabets and signs, emojis are not activated by default. iOS allows its users to set up more than one keyboard at the same time. Once the emoji keyboard has been activated along with the default one, users can use emojis for all applications. Mentioned below are the steps for activating emojis on iPhones that are running iOS 7 or higher.

  1. Open the “Settings” application and select the “General” tab.
  2. In the “General” section, the second option says “Keyboard” which has various keyboard settings.
  3. Under the “Keyboard” section there is further a section called “Keyboards”. The “add new keyboard” is present under this section. This section contains all the different kinds of keyboards that can be added to the existing default one.
  4. The user simply needs to find the emoji option and select it and it will be added along with the default keyboard. The user can now open up the keyboard screen and find the selection for both the keyboards.
Emoji Keyboard

The emoji keyboard once enabled, can be used for all applications that use both the keyboards. This includes all kinds of messaging and social media applications. Certain applications have their own personal keyboards which will not allow the newly activated emoji keyboard.  Some of the common iOS apps that allow the emoji keyboard are Messages, Notes, and Mail. The button for activating the emoji keyboard now appears beside the spacebar and clicking on it opens up the emoji section. Users can swipe the emoji menu to view the various categories of emojis that can be selected and put in messages. Emojis can be erased the same way alphabets are erased by pressing the backspace button that appears on the emoji keyboard. To go back from the emoji keyboard to the normal one, users simply need to tap the globe icon.

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