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Snapchat Friends: Learn How to Add Snapchat Friends

by Peggy B.

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How to Add Friends to Snapchat by Scanning Their Snapcodes?

You must be familiar with the fact that Snapchat is immensely popular these days, especially with the younger crowd. The messaging app has been adding new features consistently. One such new addition is the Snapcodes, which enables the app’s users to add their new friends easily without taking the pain of manually searching their usernames.

If you are wondering what Snapcode is all about, it is nothing but a QR code. Each Snapchat user gets a unique code, which they can permit their friends to take screenshots of or scan and then send through text or publish on their social networking sites so that their friends can add them easily. In comparison to other popular social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat is regarded as a social app with more privacy. Thus, this small feature is highly useful in connecting with friends quite easily.


The app is also immensely useful for users with high profiles, media outlets, brands, and celebrities who are interested in connecting with their own audiences. They only have to share their code’s screenshot to accomplish this.

Add a friend by taking a picture of their Snapcode via the app

In case, your friend’s Snapcode is accessible to you (The one that is displayed on his/her mobile device) or saved as screenshots on a PC, you can use the camera tab of Snapchat by pointing your mobile device to it. Then, all you need to do is tap on the screen for adding them instantly. You will see a small tab as a confirmation that you have added your friend successfully.

You can include an animated selfie to the Snapcode (Optional)

In case you have already accessed the Snapcode feature, you would have perhaps observed a note beneath. The note explains that personalization is possible by adding an animated selfie. You need to just pull up your camera by tapping on the ghost. Tap the available camera button so that as many as 5 selfies can be taken by Snapchat automatically for creating an animated selfie of yours.

Add Snapchat Friends
The middle area of your Snapcode’s ghost will be filled by your animated selfie. However, it is not mandatory to include a selfie as you can also leave it as it is. There are no issues with the functionality of your Snapcode when you do not add the animated selfie.

In fact, you can also take the selfie’s screenshot and share it with your friends. Once you take its screenshot using your mobile phone, there will be a sound and a flash on your device screen indicating that you have taken the screenshot successfully.

From your camera tab, tap the Ghost icon to access Snapcode

You will find 4 main tabs on your Snapchat app that can be used for navigation while swiping right and left. These 4 tabs are as follows:

  • Discover tab
  • Stories tab
  • Camera tab
  • Contacts tab

Next, you need to navigate to this camera tab mentioned above and see a ghost icon on your screen’s top center to access your Snapcode. Simply tap this ghost icon and observe a drop-down tab containing your Snapcode along with some other options.

Add your friend using their Snapcode’s screenshot photo

Your friends can also send you their Snapcode’s photo via social media, text, or even email. Here, you have the choice to store the image on your mobile device. You can scan the code instead of pointing the camera to a computer screen or some other device and including them by taking their snaps.

Thus, adding a friend to the Snapchat app is quite easy and hassle-free. 

Add Snapchat Friends

Bonus: Additional ways to add SnapChat friends:

Aside from scanning Snap codes, you can add SnapChat friends in other ways:

Add SnapChat friend from your phone's contact list:

  • Tap on the profile icon that will lead you to your profile screen
  • Tap "add friend"
  • Tap "contacts"
  • Tap "Find Friends". The app will let you know what to do to add SnapChat friends from your phone's contact list.

Add SnapChat friends by their username/display name:

  • Open SnapChat's camera screen
  • Tap on the magnifying glass, which is located at the top part of the screen
  • Type in a friend's SnapChat username or display name
  • Tap the "+" symbol next to the people that you found to add them to your friends' list

Add SnapChat friends with 'quick add':

When you are in the Friends screen, you can add SnapChat friends with the quick add feature in the following way:

  • Swipe right on your phone's screen to go to the Friends screen
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon
  • Tap "add" to add new SnapChat friends. You can also dismiss friends by tapping on the X icon


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