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AirDrop User Guide: Learn How to Airdrop

by Roni G.

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How to Use AirDrop

AirDrop is in line with the easy use of features in Apple products. It is quick too. It is similar to transmitting files through email and text. The cross-platform utility can be used to send thick PDF files, videos, photos, and songs. This comes handy when you are adjacent or near to the recipient of your file. Do remember that AirDrop works only when the users extremely near to one another. The AirDrop utilizes a Bluetooth connection. The result is a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network that exists between the devices. Encryption is standard to obfuscate all files.

The AirDrop can be accessed from within Maps, Photos, Notes, and Contacts. There is no compulsion to navigate to any other screen or to take the action of copy and then paste the information. No wonder many Apple product users select AirDrop when they want to transfer any kind of data.

To access AirDrop on iOS

The Apple company has recently reconfigured the iOS 11 Control Center. This makes AirDrop much less accessible than before. The feature, however, could be easily accessed.

To do this, swipe up from the bottom of your Apple device. This could be iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to reveal Control Center. If you use an iPhone X, you must swipe down from the display's upper right corner.


Find the upper-left box containing connectivity controls like Bluetooth and Airplane Mode. Ensure both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are up and running. Hold down any of the mentioned icons. This action is known as 3D touch. The box will expand, and extra controls like AirDrop will come into view. Tap the AirDrop button. This action will open a quick settings menu. You can now set the ability to both receive and send files through AirDrop.

Do note that there is a chance you will see the “Receiving Off” message. Visit Settings and then General. Find Restrictions and make sure AirDrop feature gets toggled on.

To utilize AirDrop on iOS

This is an extremely easy action. You have first to visit the said content in the form of a photo or file which you prefer to share. Navigate to the device's bottom-left corner and tap Share button. The feature has a distinct icon of a box with an upward pointing arrow. A list of available devices can be found just below the content or image piece. Tap the device name where you wish to send the file. Once the content gets accepted, the word "sent" will be visible below the name of the device.

AirDrop on MacOS

The AirDrop feature works excellently on both iOS and MacOS. To do this, open Finder from Dock. In case it is not visible in lefthand sidebar, this can be found from the menu bar. Select Go first and then AirDrop. The latter's window will reveal all the nearby devices which can accept files and also documents. You should then drag what you wish to send to the intended recipient. Drop it and start the transfer.

There is another way to send as well. Open the file and click "share." It is easily identifiable as a rectangle with a pointy arrow. Select "AirDrop" from sharing options. Choose recipient and send the file to that individual.

AirDrop iPhone

Accepting the AirDrop transfer or declining it

Both are sending and accepting any AirDrop transfer is simple and easy. You can also decline any incoming content. The process of sending and accepting could vary as per the platform. An incoming photo or file via AirDrop will come on to the screen as an alert. There will be a preview of the said content.


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