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Best Ways to Backup your iPhone and Save your Media!

by Rob V.

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How to Backup iPhone: Here is How to Backup your iPhone!

The aim of the backup software is to create a single or multiple data copies on a digital service so that even if your original data gets damaged or lost, it is possible to retrieve the same.

Importance of iPhone backup

There is rarely any person who is yet to experience issues with his/her digital devices including their smartphones. A report was released by BIancco Technology Group on iPhone failures. The report mentioned that about ¼th of the total iPhones failed during the period of Jan – Mar 2016. A study conducted also revealed that between the months of April – June 2016, 58% of the total iPhones had failed. So, these statistics do not seem to give a positive picture as far as getting a complete peace of mind is concerned.

The lesson to be learned from these statistics is that in case any of these iPhone failures lead to lost data, and that data did not have a backup, there is a chance of losing a lot apart from the contact list in your phone.  It is imperative to back up your phone data before you upgrade to iOS 12, iPhone X, iPhone XR, or even iPhone XS.

Rather, it is indicated by online advice that it is not possible to upgrade on iPhone successfully without a proper backup. Typically, you need to have a backup of your original phone while the new device comes. It will ensure that there is no loss of recent conversations or chats, changes made to the contact list, and pictures.

Opting for an iCloud backup

You can automatically back up the following iPhone data and files on the cloud with the aid of iCloud Backup, when there is a Wi-Fi connectivity and back up:

·       Videos and images, app data, settings, iMessage, home screen, MMS messages, SMS Text, and ringtones

·       Purchase details for movies, music, books, apps, and TV shows bought from iBook store, App Store, or iTunes Store.

Go to your iOS device in the iTunes-> Settings->iCloud backup when connected. You can also choose the option from your iOS device. It is possible to perform manual or automatic backups for your iPhone device. Although it will not create a backup for your bought books, movies, music, and apps, these can be downloaded from iBook store and the iTunes app when you choose to restore your data from the iCloud Backup.  

Steps to take your iPhone backup on the cloud using iCloud

·       Your device should be first connected to the Wi-Fi network

·       Go to Seting->your name. Choose iCloud. In case you are using iOS 10.2 version or earlier, you need to go to Settings->iCloud.

·       Scroll down to see iCloud Backup and select. For iOS 10.2 version or earlier versions choose Backup. Ensure that the option iCloud Backup has been turned on.

·       Choose the option Back up Now. Your device should be connected to the net until the completion of the process.

·       Ensure that the entire backup process is completed. Choose Settings->user name->iCloud->iCloud Storage->Manage Storage. You need to next choose your device. You will find the backup details are being displayed with backup size and time of backup. In case you are using the 10.2 or earlier versions of iOS 10.2, you need to go to Settings->iCloud->Storage->Manage Storage.

Using iCloud Backup for automatic back up

·       Ensure that the iCloud Backup in your iPhone remains turned on in Settings->user name->iCloud->iCloud Backup. When you are using 10.2 or earlier version of iOS, you need to choose Settings->iCloud->Backup

·       Your iPhone device should be connected to any power source

·       Next step is to link the device to the Wi-Fi network

·       Ensure that the screen of your iPhone is locked

·       Make sure that there is adequate space for the backup in iCloud


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