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How to Be Anonymous on the Web: Here are the Steps to Follow!

by Iris S.

How to be Anonymous on the Web, Anonymous on the Web

Staying Annonymous Online - a How to Guide

The internet is the best place to find information, connect with peoples, shop and do basically everything we need from the comfort of our home. The advantages of the internet are often outweighed by its disadvantages, such as the lack of anonymity that can lead to some pretty hairy situations. To prevent a breach into your private data and protect your personal information, you need to use the following tips for staying anonymous on the web.

1. Be choosy with handing out your personal data

There are plenty of sites, pop up ads, questionnaires and other forms that require you to provide your personal data. Also, online shopping websites require you to fill out your details so you can receive the products you order. No matter what the website, you need to be picky about who you give your information to. Do not fill out questionnaires that are not related to you personally, shop only on secure websites, and do not provide your details to sites and people you do not know.

2. Use a web-based proxy

When you use the internet from your personal computer, people can use your IP address to track down your location and find out other details about you. By using a web-based proxy, you can use another computer to visit the website you want with a different IP address. The results of the sites you want will appear on your computer with a different IP address, so hackers cannot track down your real location.

How to be Anonymous on the Web

3. Use other internet connections

Aside from your own personal home internet connection, you can use other connections to search for what you need. Every once in a while, go to a library, coffee shop, social workspace, etc., and use their WIFI or internet connection. The IP address in these spots is different than your personal IP, so you will be able to stay anonymous on the web.

4. Use a router

If your computer is connected directly to a broadband modem, hackers can easily access your personal information. To prevent that from happening, you should connect a router to your network connection. Routers have a built-in firewall that uses a Network Address Translation, or NAT, that assigns an IP address to every device in your home. The router helps protect your online anonymity because your connections are only visible on the router network.

5. Use an anonymous email address

Email addresses are a fan-favorite with hackers who can easily access your data through your email. If you want to protect your email correspondence and prevent spam mail and malware, you should use an anonymous email service. There are several email services, such as ProtonMail, that encrypt your emails. Also, these emails require the recipients to use a password to decrypt your correspondence.

Anonymous on the Web

6. Secure your social media profiles

Social media outlets are some of the largest advertisement platforms these days, which can leave you exposed to hackers. To protect your personal data on social media websites, you need to change your security preferences. To do that, go to the settings page in your social media account. Then, change the settings so that viewing your information will be limited to your friends only. Your information will be secure and strangers will not be able to view it and find out personal details about you that you would not want to disclose.

7. Minimize online credit card use

Credit card frauds are some of the most common online scams, so you need to be careful with giving out your credit card details. Instead, use a money transfer service, like PayPal, where you can pay for products on E-commerce websites, without your credit card information. An even better way to stay anonymous online and protect your personal data is to use cryptocurrencies that are not attached to bank accounts.

Staying anonymous on the web is easy and quick, and it can save you plenty of grief in the future. Using the tips above can help you stay anonymous online, and prevent you from falling victim to scams and data breaches.  

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