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How to Be Single in a Couples' World

by Kelly B.

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Being Single Tips

It is not easy to remain single, but there are quite some people who prefer living alone rather than with a partner. Let us look at some tips on how to be single and happy without the hassle of feeling lonesome on your own some.

Hang Out with the Right Folk

Join a club with like-minded people and find your meaning by enjoying simple things in life. There are many people who are single by choice because they have had lousy relationships and prefer going on their own. Many come out of relationships bitter, but others revel in the fact that they are free from the pressures of being answerable to anyone. In this context, joining a club where there are other avenues to engage in gives freedom to be yourself and exercise your various fundamental rights of singlehood!


Family First

Many single people find that while it does get a trifle lonely being on their own, there are other aspects to keep them happy. Being with family, for instance, is a great way to get out of the doldrums of going back to an empty nest. Hanging out with siblings with their entourage of nieces and nephews helps single aunts and uncles live a great life without the hassle of being tied down. There are no commitment issues; you do not have to worry about changing diapers and looking after kids. In single terms – it is a win-win.


Growing in Faith

Find your inner center by meditating on various plus points in your life. If you are a prayerful person, for instance, there is nothing better than putting God first and concentrating on growing closer to Him. It also provides you with time to meditate on scripture rather than being immersed with home and other issues that are part and parcel of being a part of a couple. At this time, since there is no one to stop you from attending spiritual retreats, and doing something good, you can take your pick.

Health and Nutrition

Keep your mind and body active. This is one of the core aspects in being single. Remember that while it (being single) has mass appeal in the early years, where you can date and mate who you please, as the years go by, life changes do occur. The objective is to make sure that you are in good health because let’s face it, with no partner at your side, you have to look after yourself. By maintaining a good health chart, following the right eating and exercise habits, you will not feel worse for wear, quite literally!

How to Be Single
A Little Bit of Nookie Never Goes Old

Being single does not mean that you cannot have some nookie on the side. Everyone needs some romance, and let's accept it, without some sex, your needy parts may wear out and sigh in exasperation! That being said, dating apps are solutions to meet someone with similar objectives. The important part here is not to be too cavalier with people looking for a meaningful relationship. If you are looking at a mere hook up, find a like-minded ally, and stay away from the ones who are looking for something long term. Also never catfish on social media apps - this is a no-no.

So, Why Not?

If you have been in troublesome relationships in the past, and do not want to go down that road again, stay away from trouble. Many people tend to get into rebound relationships because they fight shy of remaining single. Unfortunately, they end up hurting themselves even more than before and spiral out of control. Being single is a choice, which not many prescribe to, but it is advantageous, sometimes it helps you maintain your sanity. Many people do not understand why some people prefer to remain single. It is pretty much like settling down with someone, here one is settled by her/himself.  


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