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Alaska Police Requirements

by Peggy B.

Alaska Police Requirements, How to Be Alaska Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Alaska

Alaska Police Standard Council set a few standards to become a police officer. Any individual who is interested to join as a police officer must need to meet the standards. However, the difficulty rating is also high due to the rules and law enforcement expectations. Also, Alaska State pays a high salary for a police officer. Moreover, APSC is responsible for certifying Alaska law enforcement officer.

Also, they provide psychological and polygraph exams for incoming officers. APSC can also decertify a cop when necessary. APSC follow strict rules and procedures. Any individual who is looking forward to becoming a police officer in Alaska must match the following eligibility criteria. The candidate will be scrutinized thoroughly before appointing.

Alaska Police Academy Eligibility Criteria

  • The first and foremost criteria are the candidate must be a citizen of U.S

  • He/she must have a minimum of 21 years of age

  • Must have written and spoken English skills

  • Also, the candidate must have passed the GED - General Education Department test or must have a high school diploma

    Police Officer in Alaska
    The candidate must have a valid U.S driving license that is free from any violations or actions like canceled, revoked, suspended

  • Also, must have completed a criminal background check. The check includes any felony conduct, misdemeanor convictions, and conviction related to domestic violence

  • The candidate must not have used drugs prior to the hire date

  • As an adult, the candidate must not have sale/manufacture of illegal narcotics

  • Also, must not have used illegal drugs while employed in a law enforcement position

  • Moreover, the candidate must have not used any prescription drugs without a prescription. The only exception of using prescription drugs is in a medical emergency

  • In addition to the above necessary things, the candidate must not have been decertified, denied or suspended in other states certified law enforcement agency

    How to Be Alaska Police Officer

Steps to become a police officer in Alaska

If you are dreaming to become a police officer in Alaska you must need to follow the steps mentioned:

  • The Candidate must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in the above section and submit the application

  • After scrutinizing the application form the candidate will be invited for attending the written examination. Based on your result you need to follow the next steps. If your score is passed you can continue a few other tests otherwise you must wait till next requirement process. The Written examinations include reading comprehension, vocabulary and video test

  • Once you are done with written examination the candidate must undergo a physical test that includes jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, running

  • After the written and physical examinations, the candidate will undergo preliminary interview

  • Next, a background check takes place that includes criminal, civil, employment history also a few references

  • If the candidate completes his background check without any obstacles he will be given polygraphic examination

    Alaska Police Department
    Next comes the most important part of checking the state of mind through psychological assessment. If the candidate passes through this test he will be sent for the next stage

  • Though after clearing so many examinations the candidate must undergo a medical examination. A physician must ensure that the candidate is eligible as a police officer

  • Once the candidate has passed all stages his driving license must be submitted and a past driving record will be checked

  • Finally, the selected candidate will be sent for the police academy for attending the training sessions

One must wait with patience to finish six months of police academy training and approximately 22 weeks to complete department training. The complete process may take somewhere around two years to become a police officer in Alaska.


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