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Delaware Police Requirements

by Toni S.

Delaware Police Requirements, How to Be Delaware Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Delaware?

A small American state, Delaware has a relatively small yet reputed police force and there are just about 2,000 cops in the state. A person has to fulfill the minimum requirements to become a police officer in the state of Delaware. The article covers some of those specific requirements the state requires of their cadets. 

In Delaware, law enforcement jobs are available in 2 of its state agencies and with several municipalities like city and county police. People who wish to pursue police training in this state are encouraged to adhere to all the stipulated requirements prior to getting in touch with the local agencies for applying. 

Delaware Police Requirements:

  • Applicants need to complete an application form whose format has been okayed by the Council
  • They have to be citizens of America
  • Applicants should be a minimum of 21-year-old to be one a full-time police officer and 18-year-old to become a seasonal police officer
  • Candidates should hold a valid driving license
  • Candidates should have completed their graduation from high school, which should be established by diplomas issued by high schools accredited by the states. The employing agency also accepts an equivalent diploma from a high school accredited by Delaware.
Police Officer in Delaware

Licensed physicians will examine the candidates, the cost of which will be borne by the employing organization to ascertain whether the said person possesses physical fitness to discharge their normal police duties, which are as follows:

  • Applicants should not suffer from any kind of communicable diseases
    They should have the normal hearing ability in both their ears according to current standards
  • They should not have any kind of physical deformities that could come in the way of the proper discharge of their police duties
    They should not have any significant obstacles to their senses
  • A licensed ophthalmologist shall examine the applicant to check whether he/she has a vision not exceeding 20/200 and the corrected vision of 20/20 in both eyes. Also, they should be able to make a distinction between the amber, green, and red colors and should not suffer from any type of eye-related pathology. They should also have acceptable depth perception.
  • They should also clear a test for drug-screening before the appointment or participate at the approved police training academy. It is the employing agency that bears the expenses of this drug-screening test.
How to Be Delaware Police Officer

Clear psychological/psychiatric test

It is imperative for the candidates to appear, as well as successfully complete a psychological/psychiatric test albeit validated in order to demonstrate their ability to properly performing enforcement duties. They will also be examined and thereafter get endorsement by one of the licensed psychiatrists or psychologists to ascertain their emotional/mental stability in order to establish their suitability for performing the necessary law enforcement responsibilities.

They can be rejected in their mental examinations due to psychoneurotic reactions leading to prolonged care by a doctor or psychoneurotic reactions leading to hospitalization. 

Delaware Police Department

Character and reputation

Candidates who want to be a police officer in the state should possess good character and reputation. A proper background and character check will be conducted by the concerned employing department for all the applicants according to the prescribed manner and form of the Council.
Also, the hiring department's chief or his/her designee will interview the candidate in person. Records of all background checks should be filed for a duration of 2 years for all the rejected employees. Permanent records should be maintained for all the candidates who have been recruited by the Council or by its authorized representative.

Applicants should not have any criminal record of being convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony that bars the person from holding a weapon. 



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