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Florida Police Requirements

by Kelly B.

Florida Police Requirements, How to Be Florida Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Florida?

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a police officer, you can do a bit of research and find out what the requirements are, in the state that you belong to. For example, in Florida, becoming a police officer is not only a rewarding job for safekeeping the state, but it has an immense amount of benefits as well.

There are, however, certifications that you’d need to complete and a training program that you’d have to go through to qualify as a police officer in Florida wholly. There are also essential requirements that you need to meet according to the state and jurisdiction that you are applying to.

Police Officer in Florida

Here are the requirements to become a Florida Police Officer

According to the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, which is under the Florida Department of Law and Enforcement, who oversees the certification and training procedures in the state of Florida, here are the basic requirements;

  • The individual has to be a citizen of the United States, either by birth or naturalization
  • The individual must be 19 years old or older while applying
  • The individual should be a high school graduate or a GED certificate holder.
  • If the individual seeks to apply himself/herself as a correctional probation officer, he/she must hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • He/she must go through a complete background investigation based on their fingerprints.
  • The individual should not have felony convictions or disqualifying misdemeanors
  • If the individual was a military veteran, he/she should be honorably discharged.
How to Be Florida Police Officer

The time duration it takes to become a police officer in Florida

In Florida, the amount of time it takes to become a police officer varies from person to person, and it depends highly on your individual history. The training period could also vary depending on each performance. To get a clear idea of the duration, you can visit or contact the police department that you want to apply to.

Steps involved in becoming a police officer in Florida

Meet all the minimum requirements
As mentioned in the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, you must meet the basic needs before applying to become a police officer.

Complete the necessary certifications/programs
You need to train and complete the whole training process. All new applicants who want to become a Police officer have to complete the Basic Abilities Test before they enter the basic recruit training program. You can undergo this training in most schools, and the results of this program are valid for up to 4 years. After which, you need to complete the Basic Recruit Program, also known as a Certified Crossover Training Program in a commissioned certified training school.

Florida Police Department

State Officer Certification Examination
The next step is to pass the SOCE, and you can take this test up to three times to acquire a passing score. You can register for this examination online on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.

Sworn in as a Police Officer
After passing the examination and all the other requirements are fulfilled, you can be employed as a sworn police officer.

Submit to tests and examinations
The final step includes an interview after which a background investigation will take place along with a Polygraph Test. There will also be a Medical examination that will test your vision and hearing ability, and finally, you will have to undergo a psychological assessment and evaluation.

Once all these requirements are completed successfully, you will be eligible to receive a “Certificate of Compliance” that is issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Records Section.


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