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Indiana Police Requirements

by Keren P.

Indiana Police Requirements, How to Be Indiana Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Indiana?

Although it takes around eight months to one year to complete the procedure of becoming a police officer in the state of Indiana, it is imperative to mention in this context that becoming a police officer in the state is definitely not a child's play. 

In Indiana, police officers comprise of members of its state police team who are also referred to as troopers. They are known as officers in the University of Indiana. A majority of these organizations feature similar skill, physical, and educational requirements for their police officers.

The largest organization, the Indiana State Police and troopers can be posted anywhere within Indiana. An applicant has to be a citizen of the United States, undergo a specific training program and also clear a polygraph test and background check. 

How to Be Indiana Police Officer
Attributes and skills required for becoming a police officer in Indiana
Specific attributes and skills are essential for becoming a police officer in the American state of Indiana. According to reports shared by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, they constitute leadership and communication skills, perceptiveness, good judgment, and empathy. The state's law enforcement agency can also need physical strength and stamina. There are a few organizations in the state that have extra requirements.

The Indiana University, for instance, has a requirement that its police officers should know how to develop a rapport with the juveniles. There is also a requirement that the police officers should observe, as well as, record accurately based on what they see. They should also have psychological and emotional stability.

Training and education

In Indiana, police officers require specialized training, as well as, basic education for performing their jobs. The minimum educational criteria for a police officer in the state are a GED or high school diploma. They also need to go through specialized training at the academy.

Indiana Police Department
Police officers in Indiana have to undergo a basic training course that lasts for 600 hours. The training constitutes lessons in traffic and criminal law, emergency vehicle operations, firearms, narcotics and drugs, crime prevention, domestic violence, and physical conditioning and tactics. The newly hired officers also get training in criminal investigation and vehicle crash investigation. 

The state also provides something called the town Marshall Course that lasts for 300 hours along with home study for 50 hours. However, those applicants who opt for this program can only serve in those towns where only 1 marshal and 2 deputy marshals serve.

Other criteria

Certain other requirements have to also be met for becoming police officers in this state. Indiana's law enforcement agencies require the applicants to be American citizens. One has to be a minimum of 21 years for becoming a police officer or completing the police academy. There is also an upper age limit that can vary. For instance, the age of police officers should not be more than 36 years.

How to Be Indiana Police Officer

It is also essential for a candidate to hold a valid driving license. There could be other requirements like visual standards or weighing in proportion to the height. Cadets at Indiana University have to get enrolled as full-time students there while acquiring a minimum of 2.0 as their GPA score.

While students do not have to adhere to the requirement of having American citizenship, in order to become cadets. However, they have to be citizens of America in order to become police officers.

To summarize, in order to get recruited as state troopers the candidates should meet these minimum criteria as mentioned below:

  • They should be citizens of the United States
  • Should hold a GED or high school diploma
  • Must hold a valid driving license
  • Vision standards of 29/50 after being corrected 
  • Should be a minimum of 21 years but below 40-year-old.


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