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Minnesota Police Requirements

by Peggy B.

Minnesota Police Requirements, How to Be Minnesota Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, standards for cops are set by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). It is a great place for those who look forward as a police officer. The state includes diverse cities to metropolis. Minnesota State Police Department is the law enforcement agency. The department makes great efforts in protecting the state people against all crimes. The cops are dedicated, highly efficient, committed to providing peace environment.

Necessary criteria to be checked

As we know the state cops standards are set by POST, it also set a few minimum requirements that need to be matched by the aspiring candidate. Here, mentioned are the necessary checkpoints not to be overlooked by aspiring candidates.

  • The aspiring candidate must be a U.S. citizen

  • Also, must have a minimum age of 21 years

  • The candidate must have a valid driving license and never the license must be suspended, canceled. Also, the candidate must not have issues with other state driving license

    Police Officer in Minnesota
    An aspirant must have completed two to four year higher education program certified by Minnesota POST or the aspirant must have military experience or the aspirant must have federal/another state experience as a law enforcement officer. Otherwise, the aspirant must be certified by POST board or must be eligible for certification

  • Also, the aspirant must not have convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, and any criminal records

  • Moreover, he must have cleared the background check. The background check may be with employers, family, friends, school teachers, etc. Also, this information is used for a polygraph exam

While applying for the officer post ensure that all the details you enter are correct and do not cause any obstacles. The department scrutinizes each and every application form without fail.

How to Be Minnesota Police Officer

Minnesota Police Academy Recruitment Procedure

Soon after the department receive the application form it scrutinizes well and ensures that the aspirant satisfies the basic requirement. The scrutinized candidates will be called for written test and physical eligibility test. The physical eligibility test includes short run, sit-ups, push-ups. The tests are conducted to know candidates physical strength.

Once the candidate has cleared the tests he will be guided to attend a panel interview. In a panel interview, the candidates' ability in responding to various situations are tested. Also, the candidates' communication skills are tested. The aspirants who cleared the interview will be sent to next level background check.

The background check will be performed by a background investigator of the police department. He will check the criminal records, education history, driving history and talk to a former employer, friends, family members, neighbors, etc. The investigator will check for all possible chances he can go through.

Minnesota Police Department

Once the investigator has finished his work and gave clearance for the candidate. He must attend the medical examination. The medical practitioner or physician take care for your complete medical examination and certifies the candidate as fit only if he is otherwise he will not provide clearance. Apart from the medical examination, the candidate must also undergo a psychological test for mental stability and fitness.

After the candidate has cleared in every step he will be guided to attend academy training. This training may be for 6 months and then followed by department training. Once the candidate finishes his training he will be certified by POST.

More ways to become a police officer in Minnesota

  • The candidate can complete either two years or four-year law enforcement or criminal justice degree through PPO education program and pass POST licensing exam

  • A candidate who is having two or four-year degree can complete a certificate program through PPO and pass the POST licensing exam

  • Also, the candidates who are having a post-secondary degree and 3 years of law enforcement experience must complete basic police education course approved by POST and pass police Reciprocity exam


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