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Missouri Police Requirements

by Eddie V.

Missouri Police Requirements, How to Be Missouri Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Missouri

Residents of Missouri are extremely proud of their heritage and it is referred to as the "Show Me State." The state is known for its thriving suburbs, metropolises such as St. Louis and Kansas City, which are cultural hubs, and rural farmlands. The state also features a number of law enforcement agencies, which offer alluring career options for law enforcement in this American state. The state has about 12,950 police officers who give their best possible efforts to ensure safety and maintain law and order. 

Peace Officer Standards and Training or POST in Missouri has the authority to set the basic requirements to work as police officers in this state. Read on to get acquainted with all these minimum requirements, as well as, about some extra requirements required by several of the key law enforcement agencies of Missouri.

Police Officer in Missouri

Basic requirements to become a police officer in Missouri

If a person wishes to be a part of the state's law enforcement agency, they can work as the deputy of a county sheriff for the State Highway Patrol or as a police officer for a department of city police. It is imperative for a recruit to comply with the minimum requirements that have been established by the state POST. The applicants should meet these following requirements:

  • The age of the candidate should be a minimum of 21 years
    Should not have been convicted with a criminal offense in Missouri or in the other American States
  • Should clear the License Exam for Missouri Police Officer
  • Should pass out from an authorized training academy in the state offering program on basic law enforcement 
  • Must have GED or a diploma from high school
    Has to be a citizen of the United States either by birth or by naturalization
  • Duration for becoming a police officer in the state of Missouri
How to Be Missouri Police Officer

It takes about six months to complete the training program at the police academy in order to become a police officer in the state of Missouri. The training program takes around twenty-two weeks to complete in the state. Overall, the entire duration can be around two years for becoming a cop in Missouri.

Basic requirements for highway patrol or trooper in Missouri

The MSHP of Missouri State Highway Patrol recruits troopers for enforcement of traffic laws, as well as, promoting safety on the highways of the state. These officers are also responsible for the investigation of crashes, support police departments, investigate crimes, and handle roadway emergencies. The hiring process is a rigorous one and those who are employed undergo a training session for 25 weeks. Check out the requirements for people aspiring to be a trooper in Missouri:

  • Must be an American citizen, as well as, a resident of the state of Missouri at the beginning of the recruit training
Missouri Police Department
  • Should have graduated from a high school or an equivalent certificate, which should be recognized by the state Department of Education or GED
  • Should be of good character and not convicted of a felony or criminal offense pertaining to moral turpitude. They should also not be convicted in the past for specific misdemeanor offenses, such as violent or aggressive behavior like criminal assault or domestic violence. They should not have misused deadly weapons or have disregarded the safety of other people 
  • Should have the ordinary physical strength - Clear the mental and physical exams as directed by the superintendent
  • They should hold a valid driving license in Missouri during the time of their appointment 
  • The applicant should be ready to reside anywhere within Missouri
  • Should not be associated with any objectionable brands/tattoos - They should not highlight any brand or tattoo on their necks, heads, or hands
  • Should have earned at least thirty college credit hours for themselves from an accredited university or college. Alternatively, they could have served any wing of the country's armed forces for at least two years. Or they have an experience of 2 years in the capacity of a full-time certified police officer by POST during the start of their recruit training
  • You can view police mughots here! 


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